her birthday

and so today is her birthday and I’m thrilled to be making her cake and planning a little Seder celebration / birthday party and taking her to the doctor in between all the madness.

happy birthday Kathryn march 23 2016

Each day of her recovery reminds me of our donors family and how they didn’t get this chance.  This life . . . is truly amazing & we are filled with gratitude and maybe just a little bit of whining because there is so much to do.


beautiful comments to keep me  grounded

dog training classes with my youngest

moments of peace to think about the day

preparing for her birthday

clean towels

long days and rides to rehab means spending more time with her

talks with my boy as he heads out the door to school

fabulous dinner brought to us to by the best nana

being together for her birthday

wonderful perfect day even in between the doctors appointments and celebrations

the philosopher wows me so often

shared giggles with the brown eyed girl




It’s official!

It’s official! 
This son of mine is now older then I am. 
Happy Birthday Honey! 
Love, Mom 

the music in my life

It’s been a world wind week with little time to post:
a visit from much loved aunt’s, an impromptu recital, a surprise visit from cousins, a  Passover party, an Easter Celebration, and a 16th birthday for the girl that keeps  music playing in my life. 


Come and Gone

It’s Stevie Wonder’s Birthday today. 
GoingBackinTimeStephen.jpg Going Back in Time ~ Stephen
He is 18! 
I can’t help but think of that country song by Carrie Underwood. . .”18 years have come and gone. For Mama they flew by. But for me they drug on and on.”   Then I have to laugh at myself  because,  I know he would hate that I have a country song linked to a post that has anything to do with him.  But, what’s a Blogger-Momma to do when the words just fit?  

6 now

She turned six yesterday

and now she calls me mother. 
She tells me: “That’s what big girls should call their mothers when they love them very much.” 

About this photo:  It was taken only with the light of the candle. I brighten it just a little bit and tried to get rid of the granny look but couldn’t., Even though it’s not what I would have wished for I like the photo anyway because of the joy on her face. 

A birthday, a few pictures and a creamy cake

Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me. Audrey Hepburn  

It’s Kathryn’s birthday week. 

She is 15. 


I’m not sure who has been more excited this week. . . the birthday girl or her little sister. 

So, when looking at the pictures of our birthday celebration . . . know this: I couldn’t decide which picture I liked the best, the picture in the middle is unedited and most importantly. . .whatever you do. . . DON’T look at the cake. Just know: the cake was creamy, it was home made, I never use a box, and most importantly it was chocolate. 

Until Next time. . .  



a Dad, a Son and a shared birthday

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.  ~ Author Unknown
Birthday 2012 by LisaAlida5477
This quote says it all to us when we are talking about this pair.  

Little did  my brother in law  know that first dinner date with my sister would lead to so many birthdays shared with this son he was lucky enough to inherit.  
Happy Birthday Guys!!! 

Celebrations & Memories

 Friday, February 17,  we celebrated our Father’s life with a Mass in his memory

Even though he is no longer with us there was much to celebrate on that fine day that was his birthday. You see, everywhere we go there is a little piece of the Wonderful Willy we use to know.                                                     AND that touches us more then we could ever say.  

I took this picture last summer. It’s the cross on top of Boston College High School that he and several other boys had a hand in making many, many years ago. Rumor has it, his name, along with the others,  is engraved on the back of this beautiful cross that reaches towards Heaven.  It seems appropriated to me to share this with you today as we celebrate the memory and life of a father and man  we all so dearly love. 

Until Next time. . .  



H is for. . .Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is “Stevie Wonder‘s” birthday. . . He will be 17.

He’s one of those kids that just makes heart sing. This son of mine truly is a pleasure. He would give the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it more then he did. He has always been this way, even when he was a very little guy.  Kind, Generous, the Helper. . .that’s my Stephen

~ May he never change. ~

As I think of the years gone by. . . I wonder. . .   Where has the time gone? How could 17 years come and go so fast?  How could he be 17? 

Weekly Kodochrome