Upside Down & other things

I’m posting a picture of this little guy today for many reasons. 1.) He is just the cutest little guy you’d ever want to meet. 

2.) the theme goes perfectly with ABC Wednesday and the letter U.
3.) I just love a three year old. 
4.) He is just the cutest little guy you’d ever want to meet. 


ABC Wednesday
Black and White Wednesday w/ like Christmas every day
Me as a mother 

Maybe It’s just me

I have read that sometimes you can see a person’s soul in a black and white photo. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m looking to hard. . .  Maybe I just know him that well. 

But you know what? I think I can see his soul here.  

I see a young man that works hard and puts everything he has into most things he does. I see beauty and kindness and just a little bit of his wild side.  .  . All in this photo.

Maybe it’s just me. But, that’s what I see. 

Once More…Black and White…Boot

This must be feature Stephen week: Sunday I posted about a bench he is making me. Today, I find myself in perfect awe at his talents again. 

Once more, I want to show you a little thing the son I call Stevie Wonder made. Last week, after one carving class, Stephen was able to come home and carve this little cowboy boot on his own. 

It may just be me, but, I’m beginning to think the kids got yet another gift.

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Black and White. . .Thursday?

“Isn’t it fun when the blogging world and the real world collide and come together.”.  . At least I think that is what my new friend Ellie said. 

You probably know her from the blog Shine!

She and her family not only moved from Australia to the state I live in, they moved to a town about 15 miles from us.  

How cool is that?

On Monday Elizabeth and I set out to meet Ellie and her daughter Tia at the park.

Tia’s mom and I hit if off right away. As Ellie said, we have been leaving comments on each other’s blogs for awhile.  We kind of already know each other. 

However, it took a little while for the girls to be comfortable enough to loosen up and play. 

Tia and Mary Elizabeth

Okay, the truth is, it took my girl a little awhile to loosen up and play. 

My, Mary Elizabeth is cautious when it comes to meeting new people. She likes to take her time to  get to know the person. She wants to form her own opinions. It seems she wants to weigh the emotional commitment that a relationship may involve. You can see her thinking. . .Is it worth it . . . or??? 

There are some people that know this all to well. . .((right Karen?. . . BUT! She loves you now! You know she does.))

Tia is a vibrant child. 

She seems to have a take life by the horns attitude and just figures “You love me! 

They say opposites attract. 

I am sure these too little girls are going to be great friends in time. They seem to have a few things in common. . . They share the same July birthday month. They are both four years old and they have older siblings that just adore them. 

After the park Elizabeth and I went to the giant pumpkin patch in town and shared some thoughts about the day. We walked around, looked at the pumpkins and talked about things


My little thinker thought about things.  Later on that day, she told me she decided three things. 

One: It will be nice to have another little girl to play with sometimes.

Two: Tia will be a good new friend to have. 

And most importantly THREE ~ When she saw my pictures she decided, “Our shirts look much better with color on them.” 

the long road

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Punkin It’s Black and White Wednesday

Do you remember these?
The pumpkins…not the little girl…I am sure you remember her.  She is the subject of most of my photography. This is mostly because my older children are getting bored with me always “snapping” while I say “wait…I’m not done…one more”.
This is the picture my cousin Anne took the weekend of “the funeral“.
I think Jen bought 17 small pumpkins and 5 large pumpkins that weekend. I remember she told me she bought that many because of  symbolism….One large pumpkin to represent each of my parent’s children and one small pumpkin to represent the grandchildren. 
I can’t remember how many mums she bought that day or even what the significance of the mums were but I know we she bought a load of mums ……maybe it will come back to me one day.
I do remember, I didn’t want to go with her to the store but she insisted. She convinced me she would be dreadfully lost if I didn’t go and she would never find her way back.  
Which was not true…She had a GPS and she lived in the area for years before she moved to California.
I figured out on the way home that day she would have been fine. I was the one who was in danger of being dreadfully lost …and thankfully she was wise enough to see it.  
Jen filled the house with colors of happiness with warm browns, bright oranges and beautiful yellows…. pumpkins, candles and mums in every room. The house looked beautiful that weekend. Just the way our mother and father loved it. 
Back to the reason for the question…..Do you remember these?
When it was time to get rid of all those pumpkins our mother didn’t quite know what to do with them: 
 So these guys
Matthew and Stephen

 took these guys

Brian and Alex
with hammers in hand, along with all the pumpkins out into the field by the compost pile.
They smashed them! 
They had a ball!  hitting them, smashing them, throwing them and watching them explode.   

Then the bees came.

and the compost pile started to flower.
and you know what happened next…
Look Jen!!!
We’re growen punkins BABY!!!
the long road

Black and White Happiness 101

This week Weeks ago Almost a month ago I received an award from my friend Cleo at Wemmicks-in-training. It was truly so very nice of her to think of me and really she shouldn’t have. With that said thank you Ms. Cleo….
But, like most things having this award comes with rules. The recipient is to list 10 things that truly make them happy. I thought I would do this for Black and White Wednesday…Maybe this is what took me so long. But, I never said which Black and White Wednesday it would be.

First of all I would have to start with this guy.
My husband…((as of June 15)) for 19 years. He still takes my breath away and makes me very happy.  

Then of course, I am very happy to have this guy in my life…My son Matthew…
He’s a joy and a research bug. If it is in front of him he will read it and then find out more about it.
Then of course there is Stephen…..Stephen would give you the shirt right off his back…He is the kindest, most gentle young man I know…I am proud to say I am his mother. May he never change.

This girl makes my heart sing with pride…My daughter, Kathryn Grace with the beautiful face. And let’s not forget about the brains and personality to go with that beautiful face. She has it all.

and last but never least…There is Mary Elizabeth…Sassy Mai…She takes my breath away and keeps me smiling. This one little girl brings so much joy to everyone around her.

There is always good food…covered in Chocolate to share with my dear sister.
Having a fine drink from a beautiful glass that sings is always a joy to be hold.

Special Occasions and being surrounded by family.
Being near water makes me feel so alive.
AND then there are the Memories.
Knowing I am part of something bigger then I am, brings me more then happiness. It simply brings me joy. 
Thanks MelissaCleo
The second part of having this award requires me to pass it on…. I will do so with pleasure.
To all I have passed this along……Enjoy!
the long road

Hats on for Black and White Wednesday

Mary Elizabeth loves hats. She wears one almost everyday.
The hat she loves the most is Stephen’s hat.
She can pretend to be The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman or Lacus McCain’s little boy Mark.
She watches these shows with her big brother. Can you tell she they likes Westerns?
Can you tell…She likes her big brother?
I call her our bonus baby. Some days I just can’t believe she is with us.
I love watching her grow, watching her imagination take flight.
I love to see what “hat” she will choose to wear each day or who her mood will cause her to be.

Even though  days or a week may go by and I do not post because time will not permit….I look forward to Lisa’s Long Road to China’s Black and White Wednesdays.  

I find I try very hard to post on Wednesdays. 

Personally I think these black and white posts have enhanced this little blog and most importantly I feel they have enhanced my memories.

 To quote Lisa in her post today:  “It is difficult at times to live in the moment and not look too far ahead, but I think it is important. Life is too short and time can pass by so quickly.”

 I am so glad there are days when I truly know this to be true.

Thanks Lisa for starting Black and White Wednesday…and making the effort to keep it up.

I think I am going to have these pictures printed to hang in our back hall to hang on tightly to my memories and our bonus babies imagination.
the long road

Black and White Wednesday ~ Liz’s Best Friend

This is my, every bodies Liz’s Stephen.
He is 15 years old and stands over 6 foot 4 inches. 
His heart is as big as feet. 
If there is water around, he is in it. If there is work to be done, he does it.
If this little girl is around….He will drop everything and do what she asks of him.
This is Mary Elizabeth’s big brother…We should all be so lucky.

the long road