Day 7 – the View from . . .

If I were honest, I would honestly tell you this is was what I’m I was looking at right now when I started this post:

I am looking at my beautiful 15 year old daughter while she is studying for her Anatomy exam. Both Kathryn and Stephen take this class from Dr. Bennett.  Here is were I interrupt everything because, I  have to say . . . PRAISE GOD!!!  and then I will go on to tell you how I can’t teach science and how  I thank God for Dr. Bennett every time I see these kids working hard in this class. . .  and that is often.  This is one hard class!  then I have to say again firmly:

THANK GOD for Dr. Bennett!
So here is the thing – Through this past week we have established: I am a cheater. 

With the excepting of Mrs. Claus,  it seems to me that everyone is okay with cheating.  To tell you the truth. . . I’m not worried about Mrs. Claus’s husband Santa at all. . . I have a plain for that. It involves fudge. My sister, Lucy, says I’m the best fudge maker EVER!  In fact, I am feeling quite encouraged and confident Santa will like my fudge enough to leave me something VERY nice for Christmas.

Because this photo seems more Halloween-ish then Christmas-ish and I know we are all running around like crazy trying to get IT all done before the big day.  I am not going to post this photo. It seems to me we need something more calm and “peaceful” then a photo of a girl with a skull in her hands. 

Day 7 – the View from here Hunting Island. 

Remember when I told you yesterday the Best Nana took us to Fripp Island last week?  This view is from Hunting Island looking on to Fripp.

Now I ask you. . . Isn’t this a better view???

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