who said that?

This is my brother George. He is always on, always moving,  always ready with a story. 

There are times I call him Samuel Clemons.  

George Sr

To get his photo – one has to be quicker then I am on the trigger.  He won’t stand still long enough for me to shoot and then he says something clever.  I have to adjust myself all over again and chase him down.  This shot was the best I could get yesterday and even though I was disappointed I didn’t get him looking at the camera he left me laughing, like he often does. 

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” Mark Twain – or was that my brother George who said  that? 

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An update on Aubrey

Hey!  I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and well wishes for Aubrey.  Y’all are truly the best! and . . . She is doing better

~ as we say in the South at times like these ~ 


This is the scoop as of today: Aubrey is out of ICU and is eating and drinking on her own now. Even though this baby girl of ours is still on dialyses, the doctors feel her kidneys should start to function within a couple of days.  We are told her stay in the hospital will be a long one but . . .for now. . . her doctors say she seems to be out of danger.   A BIG Yay!!!!!!

again ~ Let’s keep praying and I’ll keep you posted.

xoxo. . . Lisa


Playing along with Ni hao Y’all ~  this photo was taken with natural light on a Fujifilm S1000 and then edited in black & white

She’s very Sick. . . very sick

You remember Aubrey don’t you? She is my nieces baby. 
George’s Granddaughter.  
Aubrey is sick. Very sick! So sick that when her mother called 911 for help – 911 called for help and had this sweet little child airlifted from her home to the hospital. 
From what I know today: her kidneys have shut down and she is on dialyses.
If your the praying kind – pray for her.  
I’ll keep you posted, 

xoxo. . . Lisa

Friday Fragment,  Favorite Photo Friday  In the Studio

Our Father’s Hands

Our mother has always said, ” Bill  was born with a hammer in his hand.”  He has always had a love for building.  Because of our father’s construction business this natural talent Bill showed could be nurtured. As the years past it came to be ~ our father would design and our brother’s would build his creations.  George worked on everything electrical and Bill would handle the building and craft work. 

As Bill grow older he truly became our father’s hands. 

It has come to pass in this bitter sweet moment of time our father’s last creation is being made reality now that Bill has decided to remodel his own home. . .


ABC Wednesday

A Lesson in Friendship

It seems strange to me I’m just getting around to posting again after letting another two weeks go by.  Things are settling down around here but, I guess sometimes things like these just take a while. 
So the short story today is: I heart faces is holding another photo contest. The theme for this contest is Friendship.  As we all know, friendship comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. You just never know where you’ll find it. 

 When I think of friendship, I can’t help but think of Tommy. He’s the hippy on the right. The man with the bandanna around his head, holding the red cup.  Tommy is my brother George’s friend.  He has been around for. . . well. . .I guess, forever. The other guy in this photo, holding the yellow cup, is my brother George’s son. . .Little, Bigger George, as I loving call him. 

 The  one thing I always think of when I see Tommy is how genuine he is. What you see is what you get: a true, loyal friend. 

 I will never forget the action Tommy took when our father died. He cut his hair, shaved, bought himself a suit, arrived at the mortuary early, before any of us got there and waited outside for his friend George.  

Tommy told me that night. . . when I saw him standing there waiting: “I don’t want anyone of you walking in there alone tonight. Your father was better to me then my own father and I will always be grateful for that.”  In his kindness, Tommy offered to walk in with me because, Mark had gone to be with my mother. I told Tommy I would be okay, I had my kids with me and then I remember Tommy saying; “I’m just going to wait right here for George. . . so I don’t miss him and he doesn’t have to walk in alone. ” and my heart filled with love that night. . . and I’ll never forget the lesson in friendship a man named Tommy taught me without even trying the night of October 2, 2009.   


Just a Little Something I Forgot

As I was looking through the archives of all my past posts ignoring the laundry and dishes pilling high behind me completely aware of my surroundings, I noticed I had  forgotten about this very important post dated July 21, 2010. 

  See this tractor? 

Well, if I put this post on, I would have told you all about this tractor needing a home or a barn. 

Specifically a POLE barn. I think that simply means a barn with a pole in it.  

But, anyway, the barn was built.  Bill, both Georges and Tommy…built a barn made out of poles that will last well over a 150 years and this barn will hold a tractor. 

If I put this post on, I would have mentioned the intense heat last July. I would have also mentioned how cool the barn was on the inside when the  doors were left wide open. 

I would have told you how the wind would blow through these large doors cooling everything in it’s path. The wind brought everyone much relief. 

I would have told you all about Tommy, my brother’s friend, working on the roof in the 105 degree July heat and how he really just didn’t seem to mind.  I think he was just happy to have work. 

I would have mentioned to you that Matthew 

and Stephen painted this pole barn in the intense July heat.  I would have mentioned how the boys came home dripping in sweat and how exhausted they were, not only from the days work, but from the intense Southern July heat. 

Did I mention the month was July and we live in the South and IT WAS HOT! It was really, really hot! 
But, I didn’t mention any of it at all. The whole event just slipped by me. It wasn’t that I didn’t think any of this was important. I simply forgot to go back to the sight with my camera and get a new picture of the now RED barn.  So how could I have posted? 

And then of course, I didn’t want to hear Matthew say,  “Wow, your finally putting that stuff up?”  Like he just said today.               Stupid Matthew!            

I Heart the Best Conversations…

“A heart that loves is always young.” ~ Greek Proverb
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I Heart Faces is having another photo challenge. So, of course I want to play. 

This weeks theme is  “Best Face Photo from March 2011.” 

I love this photo of my brother George and his 19 month old granddaughter Aubrey. To me, only the “Best Faces”  show love. That’s what I see when I look at this picture. 

Black and White Wednesday ~ YA Gotta LOVE George!

Did YA know?
We Celebrate SEVEN Birthdays in March.
DSCF5963-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477
In the spirit of the BIG Birthday month, I thought I would take a picture of everyone who had a birthday the month of March and was at James’s 21st birthday party.
Sometimes George likes to steal the show…
Well, If you know George, you will know, most of the time George likes to steal the show.
That is what makes him fun.
He thinks he ruined this picture….What he never realized was as soon as he jumped in front of Reiner I thought, “Oooo! This will be a great picture to play Lisa’s Long Road to China and Black and White Wednesday.”
George was very pleased with himself thinking ~ He was making things difficult for his “little Sister”. He is always teasing…The perfect big Brother. He plays his role like a pro.
Now here is the thing: George doesn’t have a computer and he doesn’t read the blog.
Soooo, let’s not tell him…The joke really is on George.
I hope he will keep trying very hard to ruin more pictures.
Teasing George back is fun!

Surprise! it’s Black and White Wednesday or George’s Birthday

So Bill wanted to have a Surprise Birthday party for George.

It was “The” Big One.

Not that Big one. The other Big One.

NO! The one before that one.

So anyway, Bill planned the party.

Stephenie made a cake.DSCF5818-1.jpg picture by marka5477

We all could not be leave how authentically old fashioned it looked.

And that gave me an idea….I could try very hard to get this post out in time to play Lisa’s Long Road to China Black and White Wednesday.

DSCF5821-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Bill planned the party for weeks.

He told the whole family and invited all of George’s friends.

DSCF5825-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Kristen came down for the fun.

DSCF5829-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one problem.

DSCF5830-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George didn’t know about the party.


George was not in a hurry to be at the party.

DSCF5823-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Stephenie called her dad and told him her car died at Uncle Bill’s house,


she needed him to come and fix it right away.

DSCF5834-1.jpg picture by marka5477

George figured Bill would be home soon and could fix it.

He worked all day, needed to go by the store and would not rush.

After all she was okay…She was at her uncles house.

DSCF5831-1.jpg picture by marka5477

So we waited.

DSCF5852-1.jpg picture by marka5477

And we waited

DSCF5832-1.jpg picture by marka5477


We Waited

DSCF5835-2.jpg picture by marka5477

Then we had to pull out the BIG GUNS….

DSCF5838-1-2-1-1.jpg picture by marka5477

You guessed IT!

We used the B-A-B-Y!

Stephenie told her dad she had to get home…Aubry was out of food and she was screaming!

Uncle Bill would not be home for awhile. He just had to come.

DSCF5842-3-1.jpg picture by marka5477


Got him moving.

DSCF5847-2.jpg picture by marka5477

He couldn’t believe all the people….He couldn’t get over the cake.

DSCF5849-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The food was great.

DSCF5860-1.jpg picture by marka5477

The games were fun.

DSCF5856-1.jpg picture by marka5477

Most of all it was just a great time getting together having fun and laughing again.

DSCF5857-1.jpg picture by marka5477

There was just one thing.

George said “He wished someone would have given him a heads up.

He would have gone home to take a shower and change before he was surprised.”