I gotta tell ya. . .

 My top model is just doll. 

wind 5

Yesterday she wanted to stay with “the best Nana ever” for a little while.  But, the best nana wasn’t feeling well and wanted to lie down.  I told this girl of mine she had to come  home with me so  Nana could rest.  

wind 4

Well . . . if you can believe it – she was grumpy about the whole thing. 

wind 3

I then asked her if she wanted to blow  dandelion seeds around the yard while I took her photo – she put on a little tiny  smile and said,  “I guess so.” 

Wind B& W

and then she blew, and blew, and blew.  

wind and a big smile

Do  you want to know what happened next?

She laughed, and laughed,and laughed all the way home.  


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such babies. . .

Remember I told you on Mother’s Day Daisy had six puppies?  They are almost three weeks old now.  


Yesterday,  I thought it might be a good idea to take them outside and let them play in a grassy, shady area. I put them inside a large wooden garden box to keep them safe while they were out there.

puppies 2

I thought they would love it outside and this was definitely the way to go because, after all they are puppies and puppies love being outside.  



puppies 3

They were quite traumatized to find out they were puppies and didn’t like the feeling of the grass at all. 

They hated it!

puppies 4

In fact they cried

and cried

and cried.  

You never saw such babies in your whole life.  


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My Favorite Days with my Grandpa

I have discovered the beauty of the Blog:

When I first started this blog I really did it for my mother. She was after me for years to start one. I “yessed” her about it for a very long time until last year ~ Finally, I just did it. She was delighted! and so was my father. They loved the pictures and stories and I figured it was nice enough they both seemed to be happy with the whole thing. So, I have tried to keep it up.

You see ~ I have never been the writer in the family. I have never kept a diary. For that matter, I have never even kept a shopping list. I have always been to worried about my terrible spelling, not hearing the difference in the sounds of “W” and “Wh” and ‘wh’ere to use them, not knowing really where the coma should go and let’s not mention my difficulties with the computer……All this held me back. It has kept me from being a writer, blogger or even organized enough to keep a list. To tell the truth my sister is the one who I always thought to be the writer and list keeper, and really knows her way around the computer.

Over the past weeks……The weeks after losing my father….our Father….I found the beauty in looking back at an organized “book” of our life. I have discovered this blogging “thing” is wonderful. My family and I can go back and see the beautiful times we have had together. We can see the laughs we have had, the birthdays, births , all our celebrations and how do we forget the tears we have shed….This blog has evolved for me…..It was just something I did for my mother and now it is a simple story about a family in Good times and in Bad.

Looking back I can see “It” has brought me so much joy, driven me to tears and is always a comfort. I love the fact that friends I know and friends I have never meet are generally sorry about “Our” terrible lose, rejoice in our joys and love to see pictures of our family.

What a comfort this is.

But……..The thing is……..My mother was right when she asked me to do this “thing”….My only wish is…….. I obliged sooner.

Shhhhhhh……….Let this be our little secret….Don’t tell her I said so……She will never let me forget it.

With this said, I am delighted to see that my son Stephen has been writing too:

I want to keep this little paragraph he has written forever……What safer place then here:

My Favorite Days with my Grandpa

One of my first memories of working with my grandpa is when I just learned to drive
the lawnmower. I think I was 8 years old. I was not heavy enough to keep the lawnmower running. The machine would not run unless there was a certain amount of weight holding the seat down. To hold the seat down …Grandpa hooked bungee cords to the seat to keep it down that day. We cleared the yard of limbs. He would cut the limbs and I would take them away with the lawnmower and put them in a pile to Burn. When I would drive away I would turn around in attention to solute him and he would solute back to me. One of the times I turned to solute I hit a trailer that was parked in the middle of the field. The next day I learned how to fix a lawnmower bumper. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

By: Stephen

Because of home-school there have been so many wonderful days like these for all my children. …Days of joy and learning they ((We)) could have lost if they went to school. …….An irreplaceable relationship grew between my father, my mother and my children these past years. These are the lessons of life, gifts of relationships and love they could never learn in school.

Mathew Driving Me

I am now the mother of a teenage driver! This statement really scares me.

First of all, I can’t figure out how my son got so old and I have managed not to age at all. But, never the less, I now find myself sitting in the passenger seat.

Matthew’s first time driving me

Now that Matthew is driving, I think he will be a good driver…..I hope. He is smart, safety conscious, by personality and he really knows the rule book……..that’s good right?

The one thing that really scares me about this “driving thing” is he forgets things, by personality…..He forgets things like; looking to see if cars are coming into his lane before he turns or backs up without looking and the old forgetting to turn the blinker on when turning….he has forgotten to go……… and that leads me to my number one fear…..he may forget to stop! Yicks!! That is what the six month drivers permit is for……… right? With a parent by his side we should be able to guide him into the transition of passenger to driver………So, I have to teach him to drive well………….. ME!!

I keep telling myself, I have taught him many things, after all we home-school. We can do this…….I help him with his math and Literature. We talk about history, Apologetics and I help with the debate club “stuff ….However, I do not DO his Science. I can’t help there………He past me long ago on this one. As his mother and teacher our lives are full of learning from each other………I have even taught this kid how to punch like a man ………but…….. this driving thing really has me shaken.

Matthew looking very intellectual

I think of myself as a fair teacher…. Most of the time……However, I do not think I am a good driving teacher. I get too scared. I really feel bad about the whole thing because of course , all this makes him very nerves……….I suck all my breath in really fast or say “OH! GEE!” “It’s okay….. we’re okay.” and then the other kids ask “what is wrong Mom?” “Isn’t Matthew doing a good job?”……… Not very comforting…. I know!

My poor son!

He has said to me many times……….”Dad is easier to drive with.” I tell him I know and I am sorry. I also tell him, I really wish dad could be the one to help with this one…..We both know he is the better parent for this job. But, I am the one that has to get us through……… I am the one that drives us were we need to go.

So, I am the one that has to calm down and learn how to teach our son to drive…………right????

Matthew did tell me the other day he thought I was doing better.

He really is a nice kid.

My Little Boys

To anyone who reads my blog and has never met my sons, I want to introduce them to you:

My sons would make any mother proud. I am honored to have these guys call me “Mom”. They have always been close and I think home schooling has made them even closer. They share everything from a small bedroom to big dreams.

My little boys have big values and strong opinions about very hard issues. These guys, although young in years, can hold a conversation with any adult about hard issues. They understand a challenge and love a good debate.

They work hard and will do anything their Grandfather asks of them. They want more then anything to make him proud. They want to learn what he knows and they want to share with him what they know. They are always teaching the people around them and my little boys, are always ready to learn.

They have big feet, big hands and bigger hearts.

Most of all, I know they love me and they truly love their Nana.

Stephen 14, Nana ?? Matthew 16