the possibilities

I have spent the last few days trying to fit in time to edit the photos that I took to the other day of my friends family.


I snapped a load of  photos  and I got a lot of nice shots. 


I’m really happy with the way things turned out.  

Leah dog and girl

I’m even happy with the shots I  took just to take. 

the kiss

Like this one.  . . and those other two. 

mad and girl

Today, my friend told me she has a friend who is interested in hiring me to shoot her family.

family photo 2

I don’t know what will happen.  But, I am sure excited about the possibilities . 



Little by Little

Lilly’s Little Brother

A couple of weeks ago my friend Melissa and I took our kids to the park. We wanted to have another birthday party to celebrate Mary Elizabeth turning three. ((Yes again.)) Liz’s sweet little friend Madelyn bought cup cakes, balloons, and more presents. We had a great time.

All together we had just four kids playing in the park that day. While the children played we watched over them and solved many problems around the world. ((Once again, we where brilliant that day!)) While we played with our kids, took pictures and talked, we noticed a large group coming into the park with children of all ages. The children where accompanied by three adult women.

We noticed one woman was on the phone and the other women where talking. We also noticed the woman on the phone kept calling one of the little girls to take care of her brother. We heard “Lilly, come get your little brother.” Lilly, come play with your little brother” and ”Lilly, go get your little brother.” over and over again. Lilly could not have been more then eight years old and her brother could not have been older than 18 months if he was a day.

While Melissa and I watched our children we noticed; Lilly carry her brother, swing her brother and guide her brother most of the afternoon. We noticed many of the other children in the group watched over Lilly’s little brother until they would grow tired of watching him and then call ~ “Lilly come and get your little brother.”

We also noticed Lilly grew tired of watching over, playing with and guiding her little brother and wanted to play with her friends……So she did. No one was watching Lilly’s little brother. No one except for the other parents in the park….watching the three women, not watching Lilly’s little brother ~ talking…seemingly, not watching the other children play.

Melissa and I watched Lilly’s little brother walk out of the gate to the park without anyone important to his care noticing him. When this happened I stood up; following him looking in “awww” at the woman I thought might be his mother. All women continued to talk, never noticing Lilly’s little brother was walking away out of the park, out into the parking lot as I followed him.

As he turned himself around heading back into the park, a grandmother from a different group and a different end of the park……..yelled “Hey, Is that your baby?” “He was just leaving….” The response was one that surprised us…………”No. He is not my baby. Lilly, come and get your little brother.” And Lilly’s little brother went back to the play ground by himself.

Needless to say, Melissa, and I where confused.

As we watched ALL the children play we watched Melissa’s three year old daughter, Madelyn, mother Lilly’s little brother. As the baby walked up the stairs…..not meant for his little legs or his little mind… We watched Madelyn protect this little child. Madelyn guided this baby up the stairs. She guarded the openings standing in front of each of them while Lilly’s little brother walked past them not letting him fall down the slide or down the fireman’s shoot.

The women whose care he seemed to be in… never noticed any of this.

They never noticed that their charge was being guided and protected by a baby herself. They never noticed the baby walked out of the park. They never noticed the baby had climbed high into a play area that was not designed for a child his age. They never noticed the other parents and grandparents watching this baby mother and protect better then they were.

When it was time for this group to leave:

These women never notice……..They had left the baby behind. And only when they where told by a very alarmed Lilly jumping up and down saying with fear “The baby!” “Don’t leave the baby!” “We have to get the baby!” Did one of these woman say…….simply……”Oh!”

After giving this much thought: I do not think the mom was at the park that day. I do not think these woman where with a daycare provider….I think they where trusted friends or relatives…Who really did not want to be bothered with Lilly’s little brother.

I wish I had the presents of mind to ask these women who they where. I wish I thought to take pictures of Lilly’s little brother and I wish I knew this mom who left her well dressed son and daughter in the care of people that didn’t want him. I wish I could tell her to be careful who she leaves her children with. I know she would be as horrified as we were to see such uncaring care given to such a sweet, innocent child.

Now this leaves me to wonder….What will I do the next time?

I hope I would ask questions….Like who’s child is this? Who are you to this child? Do you know he was leaving? Do you see that he is up on this play set and it is too high for him?

It is so strange to me ~ People do not leave their wallets with anyone, hid their check books and will guard their secret pass words with their lives.

But ~ We leave our children with just anyone. Even people we really don’t know or worse people that don’t want to be bothered .

It was for the kids

A few Saturdays ago, I got to take Elizabeth to a Character Breakfast. A good friend invited me to go with her and her children. We had a great time…………..and……. I think the kids did too.

The girls were not really sure of what to think about it all.
But, they loved the pancakes and balloons that decorated the Hall.
We saw lots of characters like Dorothy and the Tin Man


This guy………….Who ever he is.
The best part was the party on wheels.
AND just hanging out with my friend…..
I mean for Elizabeth to hang out with her friends……..
Yeah, the best part for the kids,
was to hang out with their friends….
That’s right……..
it was for the kids.
Remember that Melissa………It was for the “Kids.”

Old Friendships and Blessings

The day started with much anticipation. I knew there was no work for Mark. I knew school had to be done. I knew that even though Mark had taken and passed a plumbing test for his license, it was the wrong test. We were not sure what to do about it, or what we should do next. We were not even sure if he could use the harder test he passed, to get the lesser license. But, the thing that weighed on me the most was that: I knew an old friend was coming by today and I was nerves.

This friend and I use to have the greatest of friendships. We could discuss anything. We would share stories, hold each others children, and cry on each others shoulders. We shared birthdays, and always shared the Christmas season.

We use to…………….

Then something happened……….. The friendship ended as quickly as it had began.

A year went by and we talked very little. She prayed for my father and for Joe. I prayed for her, her sister, her mother, and other family members as each one of them went through some trial of life that I knew about. Even though we are neighbors, we really did not speak, wave, or see each other. I did not call it a friendship. I didn’t call it anything……..

I missed what was…….

As another year went by, and life moved on. We both became pregnant again at the same time. This time it was me that miscarried and she had the beautiful baby. This time I understood her pain of losing a child better then I wanted too. The loneliness of the miscarriage was strong for me. During her pregnancy, for some reason, this old friend would send me ultra sound pictures of the child she was carrying. I would look at them, and as I did it was all very healing for me. As I looked at the pictures I prayed for the beautiful child.……I prayed for the health of the baby and I prayed for the health of this old friend. The baby arrived and as far as I knew everyone was healthy.

Then Christmas came and I recieved a picture card, and a seasonal Christmas letter. I thought it was all a mistake, but read it anyway. It was nice to see the kids and know that everything seemed to be okay.

Then, invitations to a blog came, agian I thought maybe it was still a mistake but then maybe it wasn’t. Maybe, I should just take a look and say hello…………..

I’m so glad I did.

As I end my day today, I can go to bed with a smile on my face and a little more at peace……Even though the phone did not ring and there are no jobs for tomorrow. Today I know, Mark is a great test taker and taking the wrong test has turned out to be a good thing for us.

………….The old friend came and brought new friends……………….

Our two year old daughters played together for the first time. Her little boy played again with my very big boys. And, I enjoyed it all very much.
Best of all………

I got to hold Leah……………and the old friend felt like she never left.