He Plays . . . bass guitar

If you know my husband you maybe surprised to find out he plays bass guitar. 

Mark & Bass

If you really know my husband you would say, “He is an excellent bass guitar player.”   He has played this very instrument as long as I have known him.  These days, he only plays it for us.  Our son’s say, when they go into a guitar store with their dad – the sales man always asks Mark if he  plays – Mark  always says, “No”  and  he won’t play any of  the instruments on display.   My husband steps back to  give his boys a chance to shine.  If you knew him – you wouldn’t be surprised at all by his humble nature.  And once you heard Mark play his bass guitar,  and you got over the fact “he can burn the thing up“, as they say – you would not be surprised at all by how very good he is.

Mark seems to have a magical touch with most of things he does with his hands. He doesn’t like me to take his photograph. He doesn’t like to be front and center. He doesn’t play his bass for just anyone. 

He plays bass guitar for private audiences only, and he can fix anything with those hands. 

That’s why this photo is the closest thing to a true portrait I will probably  ever  of  him.   I love to hear him play. . . just for us. 

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By the Book

I don’t take no stock of dead people. “ 

~ Huckleberry Finn ~  

This must be Kathryn’s favorite quote. She says it everytime I ask, “So, what did you think about what we just read? ” It always makes me laugh.  But, if the truth was told. . . this is the way we spend most of our days:  reading, writing. . . learning about the classics ~ taking stock in dead people. 

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ABC Wednesday

A Lesson in Friendship

It seems strange to me I’m just getting around to posting again after letting another two weeks go by.  Things are settling down around here but, I guess sometimes things like these just take a while. 
So the short story today is: I heart faces is holding another photo contest. The theme for this contest is Friendship.  As we all know, friendship comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. You just never know where you’ll find it. 

 When I think of friendship, I can’t help but think of Tommy. He’s the hippy on the right. The man with the bandanna around his head, holding the red cup.  Tommy is my brother George’s friend.  He has been around for. . . well. . .I guess, forever. The other guy in this photo, holding the yellow cup, is my brother George’s son. . .Little, Bigger George, as I loving call him. 

 The  one thing I always think of when I see Tommy is how genuine he is. What you see is what you get: a true, loyal friend. 

 I will never forget the action Tommy took when our father died. He cut his hair, shaved, bought himself a suit, arrived at the mortuary early, before any of us got there and waited outside for his friend George.  

Tommy told me that night. . . when I saw him standing there waiting: “I don’t want anyone of you walking in there alone tonight. Your father was better to me then my own father and I will always be grateful for that.”  In his kindness, Tommy offered to walk in with me because, Mark had gone to be with my mother. I told Tommy I would be okay, I had my kids with me and then I remember Tommy saying; “I’m just going to wait right here for George. . . so I don’t miss him and he doesn’t have to walk in alone. ” and my heart filled with love that night. . . and I’ll never forget the lesson in friendship a man named Tommy taught me without even trying the night of October 2, 2009.   


A Photo Prop & a Fifth Birthday

The photo challenge over at I Heart Faces this week is using props in your photos. With this I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up a little bit on all things blogging and I thought I could use this picture of Liz and her giant sized teddy bear. 

 Honestly, since I came home from Massachusetts and my uncles funeral last week it has been nothing but go, go, go.  I will be telling you all about our trip soon. The real reason I came to talk to you today is ~ hold on to your hat now:                

I have a confession to make.  

Her Birthday was July 7th. 

11 DAYS ago and I haven’t posted about it yet. Can you believe that?  What a bad blogging mommy I am. Honestly, I have been so swamped with things going on around here since I came home, I just haven’t had a chance to put a birthday post up. I left Mark with four kids, a business to run and lots and lots of laundry to do. While I was gone one of the things that happened last week was Stevie Wonder bought himself a new toy. You know how he loves to build and tinker. This time he bought  a dremel. With this new toy, he  cut his finger badly again this summer.  It really does take two of us to keep an eye on things  and so when one of us is gone and then we come back home the punishment is. . .more work to do. 

Blogging had to be the last thing on the list. 

Even though her 5th birthday was July, 7th. . .11 days ago. . . I just couldn’t get to a post about it.  

I will have you know, according to her, the birthday went off just grand and The Best Nana ever bought the best present ever.      AND  now, she’s 5 and 11 days.  and I think. . .

Blogging and posting is not the most important thing. 


Uhhh??? Hello??? 


I also figured, What the heck! I would play along with the ladies from Communal Global  and Sweet Shot Tuesday

A Ton of Whimsy

 The assignment over at I Heart Faces is A Touch of Whimsy

Okay, so maybe I went over board on the “touch of” whimsy today.  

But, doesn’t this photo just scream whimsical to you? You can’t help but laugh and feel good as , soon to be, 9 year old Brian joyfully jumps into the pool in such an energetic and whimsical way.  

I Heart Faces &  A Ton of Whimsy

In the Distance

 The theme over at I Heart Faces this week is Distance.

I took this photo of balloons in the distance last week when Mary Elizabeth, Stephen and I went out “to chase” balloons that flew from Freedom Weekend Aloft.  

In this photo, if you look closely, you can see a person in the basket of the balloon releasing the fires. You can see the excitement of people running around as the balloon takes flight. You can see the Carolina sunset sinking into the trees as the balloon and it’s passenger reaches for the sky to bid good night.  

I Heart the Best Face of May

I heart faces is having a “best face photo/people’s choice” challenge for the month of May.  

Since I’m pretty partial to this face and I feel like these little challenges are helping with my photo skills, I thought I would post this picture.  I love how the blue glasses brings out the color of  Liz’s eyes in this photo.   

                           I Heart Faces ~ Give it a try.