Best Friends and a little bit of Yellow

The photo challenge this week over at I Heart Faces is Yellow.

This is a photo I took of Mary Elizabeth and her “Best Friend” Madalyn Grace. The girls were waiting, with much anticipation, for an outing to the park with “the best Nana ever”. . .Nana Grace.

The Weavers of the Fabric ~

It has been said that woman are the weavers of the fabric of society. For without woman we would not have the family.  Without woman we would not have the guidance or the  direction of our mothers. 

My father would say, woman are the strength of society and most importantly the strength of the family. He would say, emotionality woman are the stronger sex. He would also say, It is woman who make or break the family. 

In honor of Mothers this week, the theme over at I Heart Faces is Motherhood.   

This photo is of my niece’s daughter and my mother,  the child’s great grandmother. This is the photo that says motherhood to me.  

In this photo I see the  gentle guidance a woman gives to the ones she loves throughout her life. I see how a mother holds a hand dearly when one needs it and then somehow that woman gently points in the right direction, like only a mother can.  

Happy Mothers Day!


I know! Two posts in one day. . .Well, I have been up since 4 a.m.. With that said,  I’ve had a little time on my hands. I saw I Heart Faces is hosting another photo challenge.  This one is called WIND

I love this photo of Matthew, Stephen and Kathryn. To me, this is the perfect photo for such a post.  With the sun shining so bright on these young lives, the wind blowing through their hair, rippling through the water, the thoughtful looks on their faces makes me think:

 ~ They are the future defenders of the world and everything is going to be okay. ~  

I Heart the Best Conversations…

“A heart that loves is always young.” ~ Greek Proverb
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I Heart Faces is having another photo challenge. So, of course I want to play. 

This weeks theme is  “Best Face Photo from March 2011.” 

I love this photo of my brother George and his 19 month old granddaughter Aubrey. To me, only the “Best Faces”  show love. That’s what I see when I look at this picture. 

I Heart Her Face. . .

In the attempt to improve my camera skill. . .Or . . . The lack of my camera skill.  I thought I would play the i heart faces weekly photo challenge:

This week a face and a heart was required for the picture. I have been reading directions and instructions and watching tutorials on how to take a nice photo in hopes to improve. Is my skill better? I don’t know. I’m more confused then ever. Maybe that shouldn’t matter, I’ll tell you this. . .Mary Elizabeth sure loved it when I drew the lipstick heart on her face. You would think the child has been modeling her whole life.  She was so excited it was hard to keep her still just for a few seconds. When I went to wash her face she was stunned and she asked if she could leave it there forever.  When I told her we had to wash it off she said. . .”BUT! I want to show Nana. . .She will love my face with a heart on it.”