Catching UP

I am totally off my blogging grove. I haven’t posted, visited my blogging friends or up loaded photos in weeks.

 It just seems wrong to me. 

I didn’t show you the wonderful Easter Eggs Liz colored with her girl friends. 
I didn’t tell you about Leah ((the little girl next door )) buying Liz a best friend necklace and being so excited to give it to her.  
I didn’t tell you, this child is four years old and just as sweet as she can be. 
I know I have told you she cannot talk but, speaks volumes. And, Leah will be sure to steal your heart. 
I didn’t show you the fun Liz and Madelyn had a few days later.  
Madelyn is Leah’s big sister. She is a sweety too. 
Sometimes, even the best of sisters have to play with their bestie on different days and color eggs. 
That’s just the way it is. 
There is so much more to tell you. . . but first. . . I have to clean the kitchen. 
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