And then . . .

Remember when  I said “until next time”, the last time I  posted? Okay then,  Do you remember when I said the last couple of weeks were a little crazy around here?
~ WELL ~ 

I’ll tell you. . . it must have been wild wilderness week or something last week because the madness didn’t stop with snakes.

~ Yes, It’s true ~

Yeah, so anyway: Tuesday,  my sister Lucy *** aka Margaret *** fell by tripping over her sandals. Yep! right over her sandals. The bad news: Lucy stopped her fall with her face. 

On her face y’all! 

Right on her face! and here is where I have to say, “Bless her Heart”. That is exactly what we say in the south if someone falls on their face. So, I’ll just go ahead and say it again for all of us. 

“Bless her heart!”  

You know it’s one thing when you think someone will fall on their face but when they actually do it. . .It’s just bad.

Poor Lucy! 

The best Nana ever took her to the doctor and thankfully or shall I say . . .as we say in the South “Thank the Lord!” Nothing was broken. Lucy had bruising and swelling and lots and lots of soreness. 

But! the fun didn’t stop there.

The very next morning I called to see if Lucy was okay and she wasn’t! She was not good at all. She said she felt terrible. Being the good sister that I am I went to check on her with my concerned face. .. and concerned I was. I found that she was swollen and groggy and just a little bit loopy. . . more so then usual. But then I guess when you fall on your face your going to be swollen and groggy and  just a little bit loopy. So I left her to rest and told her I would bring her back some homemade soup that I had made for my son number one. . .the one that just had his wisdom teeth pulled Monday.           

As I pulled my dented car out of her drive way  ***remember last week the best Nana someone hit my car*** the best Nana ever call and whispered into the phone with alarm. “There is a squirrel in the house!”  

Okay, what???  

I thought I heard you say: “There was a squirrel in the house”.   

and the best Nana ever replied 

There is a squirrel in the house! 

I quickly went to help. . . Someone had to do the screaming and I already had practice with the snakes.

It just happened with luck that Big Brother Bill was there. Without a thought to himself, he shinned up his armor, threw it on and became the hero of the day by battling this wild animal that had invaded his mothers home. With nothing but skill Sr. Bill the Knight trapped the creature into the fireplace. Bill would defend his mother to the death. . .  Bill’s first thought was to have that little varmint run back up the chimney. . . the same way he came in. 

and just so you know: this is where I helped again because new dishes caught my eye!  

I just love dishes. So I said “Oh! new dishes.” and with the squirrel safely trapped in the fireplace I started to unwrap the new dishes and look. Bill said “hey! let me have that paper the dishes were wrapped in.”  So I gave it to him . . .and that’s when the excitment started. 

With the fireplace safely wrapped in plastic and duck tape. . .Bill lite the paper I handed to him and stuck his arm behind the plastic. He started to take the cerramic logs off there settings . 

THERE!!! the varmint was hiding under the logs! 

In the fireplace you could see the little things heart beat in a panic as a giant arm came closer and closer . . . and smoke filled his secret hideout. 

this wild thing went crazy and scrammebled to get out. 

To bad for him he didn’t didn’t run up the shoot as planned. Instead he tried to run up the wall and got trapped in the plastic and duck tape. 

This is were Sr Bill the knight caught him with his bare hands. I helped here too by screaming and throughing a towel Bill’s way. Bill wrapped this wild creature in the plastic and quickly took him outside. Secured the fireplace shoot so cousins and friends of this crazed critter could not come into the house and avenge their brother squirrel. 

When I told Stevie Wonder about all the excitement at the best Nana’s house, he turned himself into one of the Clampetts *** this was a time you needed to be a clean shot! Buck eyes and the whole nine yards! *** 

Stevie Wonder knew the best Nana ever wouldn’t want big holes in her walls – he knew when he patroled the property he had to be a clean shot! I even think I heard him say “Hot dog!” when he grabbed his pellet gun and “com-ents to a-runnin”

However, much to Jethro’s disapiontment the best Nana ever was not going to turn herself into Granny and cook up sqirraul for dinner. 

And the week ended as it began. . . With a birthday. . . this time it’s the Best Nana’a big day. 

Happy Birthday Best Nana! 

Happy Mother’s Day Y’all! 


bring your sense of humor

It has been decided by the board . . .that would be me. . .if you step into my life  you need to bring your sense of humor. .  .

For this is my life in a nut shell. . . 

 and I often wonder why  the number one blogging rule is if you have something interesting to blog about you just don’t have time to blog it?

Last week the week started off with a bang: It is now official my baby boy, Matthew, is 20! 

20  y’all!  20!!!

Now that I have said it out loud and everyone knows I have a 20 year old son, I really don’t think I’ll ever say it again.


The very next day, I allowed, Stevie Mike, my new driver to drive himself and his sister to their science class.  Not 15 minutes later the phone rang. When I saw it was Stephen calling I distinctly  knew something was wrong.

This new driver of mine had driven over roofing nails. That would be 18 roofing nails to be exact. Two tires later I thought all was right with the world   . . . and then . . . a few days later someone hit my parked car.

 Don’t ask who it was because I will NEVER tell.

 I promised the best Nana I wouldn’t say a word about who did it and I won’t. You guys know me. . . when I say I’ll keep a promise – I keep it! and that is that!

Speaking of the best Nana . . . she and I took Roy Orbison and her BFF strawberry picking and nothing seemed to happen that day. We just had a good time.                            

At least that is how I remember it.  

It just so happened that last week someone actually (( other then the best Nana ))  found my blog interesting enough to recommend it as a blog to see. I was so thrilled about all this but I didn’t have the time to post about all that excitement and then I completely forgot about it  . . .and it appeared as if I didn’t care at all,   but I did and do. . . very much.

The weekended was wonderfully quite with the three older ones gone spending time at my sister in law’s house.

 Mark and I were able to recharge.

That was a good thing because Monday was coming and around here you never know what an ordinary Monday might bring to the life of a homeschooling mother.

I knew Monday morning I had to be at the oral surgeons by 8 with son number one to have four teeth removed. I was told everything should go smooth and thought okay good. I could use nice smooth Monday.  When we were leaving  the nurse just happened to mention how I should switch the ice pack every 20 minutes keeping both sides of his face iced for a full 12 hours and just replace the gauze every hour on the hour with a fresh  pad until 6 tonight.   . . .Okay! there goes my easy quite day this one told me I was going to have.

Little did I know how true THAT would turn out to be. 
As soon as I got Matthew home Stevie Wonder tells me how much his knee hurts and he thinks he needs to go to the doctor. I take a look at his knee and see that it is hot and swollen. I tell him we can’t go yet but, we will go as soon as we can.  We have to wait until I get his brother settled and I know he will be okay. 

As Stephen and I are reviewing our his school work ~ Liz said she wanted to play on the front porch. She came back in in a rush saying . . .”I can’t play out there! There are four snakes in the yard!”.

 FOUR SNAKES!!!!!!!!!! IN THE YARD!!!!

 Stephen springs into action and runs out the door. Matthew is groggy still on the couch and says “what??? who??? oh okay. . . “ and goes back to sleep. I on the other hand . . . I panic!!! Okay! that’s not really the truth  . . .

I TOTALLY PANIC!!!!!!!!!!! like in. . . I FREAK OUT!!!!!!

Stevie Wonder turns himself into Indiana Jones (( minus being afraid of snakes )) and battles the snakes in our yard. He captures them and wrestles them into a bucket and completely saves the day. . . NO! He TOTALLY! saved the day! 

My mighty Matt. . .still groggy on the couch. . .wondering why is mother his mother is screaming at the far in of the house but not with it enough to find out goes back to sleep.

My oldest daughter Kathryn causally walks out to see what was going on and then goes back upstairs to finish her math test.    As all this is going ~ the best Nana, my sister Margaret ((sometimes I call her Lucy)), her boys, Brian and Alex, swing by the house to see the patient who just has his teeth removed. Little did they know what they would be walking into.

The boys are thrilled and want to find out how they can move into our little house in the woods that seem to attract so much excitement.

Their mother . . .my sister Lucy. . . TOTALLY PANICS !!!! NO! SHE TOTALLY FREAKS OUT!!!!!!  She throws her soothing gift of ice cream at my oldest son and jumps on the couch screaming. 

In the end. .  .
My savior Indie takes his two cousins, his sister Kathryn and  three snakes to another home releasing them into the wild. When he get back to our home he says . . . “Mother, I really need to go to the doctor now. My knee is killing me.”

 and I wonder. . .how can I get my savoir to the doctor today if I can never leave the house again. I mean after all . . .Lizzy said she saw four snakes. 
Until Next time. . .


Mr. & Mrs. Goofy

In the family news this week ~ Mr. and Mrs. Goofy Hoverath ran the Walt Disney Wold Marathon.. . . Better known as the Goofy Run.

I think the number one rule to run in the Goofy run is YOU have to be goofy to play.  This is a two day run through the magical cities.

Reiner was just a little goofy this time… He ran the half marathon. A total of 13.1 miles.  The queen of the goofies ran the whole thing. . . two days. . . a total of 39.3 miles.

You can read all about on My sisters blog when they get home. 

You just may see that top photo on her blog too. I swiped it from one of her posts. I know that was very knotty of me to steal but I forgot to get a photo of them together before they left. So please do me a favor and don’t say word.       I think she’ll be to tired to even notice.         
Goooo! GOOFIES!!!!

                                                                                   Our World Tuesday ,
                                                                         My 3 Boybarians

Once upon a time

This may look like a big pile of rubble to you. But, to us it’s history. . . it’s our past. It times Margaret, our mother and I shared with our dad. 

Our father was a visionary. He was able to see beauty and opportunity in everything. . .  Even a big pile of bricks.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a old abandon mill that fell down. There was no hope for this big pile of devastation ~ until one day our father drove by and saw art laying in the rubble. He saw hand made bricks that could be used again. If only he had someone to pick them up, clean them off, and  get them to a new home. 

Never really seeing a problem, our father knew he could always count on the woman in his life to figure out these minor details.  So, one Sunday afternoon, after Mass, our father convinced our mother and two of his little girls to go out for a Sunday drive to see a mill that fell down.  It just so happened that the owner of this mill didn’t mind if . . .someone picked up the bricks and cleaned up the area just a little bit.  

And that someone you see just happened to be. . . me, my mother and sister. . .that’s three. 

So Margaret, our mother and I set to work with our father by our side. We piled, cleaned and scraped bricks. Two little girls, a devoted wife and the visionary moved, one by one, well over 10,000 bricks to a new home in the country.  

Through out the years the bricks were used many times. 

Once there was a devastating fire in our childhood home. The bricks were used to rebuild, remodel and repair to make the house “better then ever“.  There were so many bricks not all of them could be used at that time . . . So they waited. . . until at long last. . . the visionaries son used them on his own home many, many years later. 

the END


Favorite Photo Friday

I is for . . .

In remembrance of September 11th my sister and I wanted to do just a little something, in our own way, to remember that dark, dark day . . . to honor the dead. . .to honor the living. . .to Remember. 

Since she is a runner ~ you can tell because of the hat ~ she suggested we run 9.11 miles. . . and because I am a glutton for punishment I said,Okay!”

. . .So we did. . .

We ran, we laughed,  we talked and we remembered. . .9.11 miles


A Poem by Margaret

On the Eve of the Anniversary of our father’s death, the over cast skies are fitting for our somber moods. Our hearts are heavy but our Spirits are light: for we know the rain falls like  “Pennies From Heaven.” 


We simply miss him.

To pay homage to this occasion, I thought I would post a poem my sister Margaret wrote. It is about beautiful memories that will always be close to her heart. 

Our Parents Home
In my parent’s home where we have grown,
A place that’s special, we’ve all known.
One of many homes our brothers and Father built almost daily,
A place our Mother and He grew, their amazing family.
In their home we learned how to love,
In this home, our Father left with God above.
A home where parental love was very strong,
With their marriage of fifty-eight years, it wasn’t wrong.
I remember it well as a child,
Although I will admit, it ‘s been quite a while.
In the early morn such happiness filled us, we would adorn,
For the five of us, the blessings we felt to be born.
In the late of the eve under a bright moonbeam,
Mother and Father would dance, as if in a dream.
In this home happiness grew for 30 plus years,
Until late evening that day in September, we felt only tears.
We all stood in wonder as the night fell still,
Our Heavenly Father took him, after so long being ill.
Yet today as that anniversary approaches,
We are comforted, by what his spirit possess.
And as we have cried in our own special way,
We are so happy we knew him, especially today.
Now it is our Mother who carries us each through,
As my Dad often stated She is his diamond, his true.
Although He is enormously missed,
Our memories are of the wonders, in a great big list.
How lucky are those who have felt his gentle touch,
A blessing his children, grandchildren and wife miss so much.
Our Father’s love remains in our Mother’s heart and ours,
How lucky are those who have visited, and felt those loving hours.
By: Margaret F. Hoverath

Black and White Wednesday & The Sisters

Aunt Ann came down for a visit with two of her daughters….and just like Aunt Ann does SHE started to sing…and my mom started to sing…and then Auntie started to sing and sing and sing and sing.
(Aunt Ann, my Mom and Auntie)
Sing they did!
(Margaret, Karen, Me
Peggy and Regina)

There was so much singing going on…we just couldn’t get away.

the long road

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!!!!!!!

Today is the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon!!!!!!!

My sister, Margaret, cousins Jen and Charlie are running in this Marathon…..Today!

It should be VERY exciting! I am going to do my best to keep up with all the happenings of the GREAT event.

Margaret, Jen and Charlie decided to join this race because of the effects that cancer has taken on in their lives. Jen and Charlie have dedicated this run to a lot of people, mostly to their friend Deana and my father…..
My sister, of course, has dedicated her run to our father…………….WHO will be there waiting for her at the finish line. Our father has suffered the effects of Nonsmokers lung cancer ~ found in the late stages and given only 3 months to live……………4 years ago.

What do the doctors know? Hopeful a lot….

I know that Margaret worked very hard at her training. She ran when she was suppose too ~ She tried to eat right ((well not really, but it sounds good)) BUT! She ran!! …..Her husband very lovingly gave her wings to be able to do this run and should be commended for his patients, dedication and loyalty to her and the marathon she felt so strongly about. The training took a lot of work, dedication and perseverance on every ones part.

They all did a great job and now is the time…………….they PLAY!!

So exciting!

I am going to try to keep up with this event on line…………….TRY!!

No matter if they sprint,walk or crawl across the finish line we are soooooooo very proud and excited about this HUGE achievement for all of them! ((…..Mostly Margaret!….ssshhhh…..don’t tell the others I said that! )) We are excited for them too.



Update 1

I forgot to ask for Jen and Charlie’s bib numbers and I can’t find information on them but

Margaret is doing AWESOME!!

Here are the results as of an hour ago:

20203 Margaret Hoverath F
TNT Fundraising Half Start: Gun 6:30:03 Chip 6:41:12
Times:1:10:53 Pace:11:25

Update 2

I went to the Zoo with the family and NOW! I cannot remember how to access the information I had before……..UUGGG!!………..STUPID Computer!!

((It is always the machine and never the operator))

This Just In!!

7:40 PM

~ I just got this E-mail from a friend of my sisters ~

I just talked to Maggie a few minutes ago and she finished the race in under 6 hours!!!! She had a great start to the race and ran the first 13-14 miles without stopping! Unfortunately around mile 21 Maggie stepped wrong and rolled her ankle. From then on she had to walk and was pretty upset. Someone told her to focus on all the people who were at home cheering her on and she got emotional thinking about all of us. I think it was her cousin that let her know we were all walking/running today while she was competing and that just meant the world to her! Maggie’s parents were at the finish line and she cried when she saw her dad. You’ll have to talk to her about the entire experience – she said it was just amazing! Also, 8.8 million dollars was raised for cancer! She said there were runners/walkers who were survivors and some that were in treatment.


It is over and everyone did great! Jen, Charlie and Margaret all finished and we are very proud of them all!!


GREAT! Job Everyone!!



I found the results!! June 1 – 12:30AM

Just for Margaret…….


FName LNameMargaret Hoverath City Simpsonville State SC Country USA
Sex F ChipTime 5:59:15 ClockTime 6:10:25 Overall 11428 SexPl 5159 DivPl 371 Pace 13:43

"Not Me Monday" @ 90 degrees

Not me Monday on a Tuesday:

Really this is okay.

First of all ,this is my blog and if I get to a “Not me Monday” on a Friday then, so what? I will not, however, get to Not Me Monday on a Sunday ~ I am never that far ahead…………I’m always days behind.

Second and best of all, this is a “Not Margaret Monday” and was just too funny not to post.

Sorry Sis!

But, I had to!

Here goes:

Margaret did NOT see me walking Sunday afternoon with Kathryn and Elizabeth in a back pack. She did NOT try to stop to see if we were okay……….(Yes! We were having a very happy time.) But, she couldn’t stop because a car was coming our way. She did NOT travel down the road out of site and didn’t come back.

I waited, gave her a call………….She did NOT answer saying “Oh! Sorry! Oh Gee! I’ll call you back. Every thing is okay.” I then see her Night in Shinning Armor drive past with a wave and a look of distress.

I continued walking, not knowing; as she turned around to check on me, just like a good Samaritan would, she did NOT roll off the road and did NOT roll right into a ditch.

Yes, Everything was fine and dandy! She was NOT at a 90 degree angle and did not notice right away something was a miss.

She did NOT have to have 3 grown men sit on the back of her trunk to hold the car down at ground level while she tried to back the car out! It was just luck a neighbor had a tractor for the job.

Her son was NOT very shaken and he did NOT tell me later, “My mom is a good driver. But, she is a better crasher.” He did NOT decide to drive home safely with his dad.

To our amazement the car did not have a scratch on it and the people where fine…….Well, Alex might not be. But………..there is time and therapy he will get over it.


Margaret did NOT film this video. She would have held the camera straight rather then at a 90 degree angel. When we tried to fix the video we could not……..It has come to our attention a video cannot be flipped like a picture.

This is a video of my brother,George, pushing a boat across a field into a pit of fire. He bought the boat a few years ago. He wanted to fix it up and then take it sailing. He could not work on the boat to make it sea worthy because he broke his leg badly shortly after his purchase.
The leg healed. The boat, however, did not!
Is this what happens when your “Ship comes in and your at the Airport?”

Really, if you hold your head at a 90 degree angel you can’t even tell.