An August Up Date for "One of my many Cuzzins"

Are you kidding me? It’s September all ready!

The whole month of August seems to be a great big jumble in my mind.

So now what? How do I sort it all out? Where do I start? What do I do?
Should I pick up in September? 
 Do I go back to where I left off?
I think I’ll go back. . . Gee, that really was not as hard as you were making it.
Let’s see where should I start?
The beginning of August. . . Brought us to another birthday. . .  for Anthony.
11 years old
This kid just maybe the easiest kid in the world to please. If he is asked how his birthday went . . He will eagerly reply with a huge grin and even more delight 
“It was the BEST BIRTHDAY ever! “

and we ask
“???EVER???” Better then the last Best Birthday ever?
There is an ever bigger grin accompanied with an even more enthusiastic
and so it was
The Best Birthday Ever!
Of course the usual crowed would never think of missing the “Best Birthday Ever”.

I think these boys can smell cake from miles and miles away!
When “The Amazing Trips and Henry” heard we were hosting the ”Best Birthday Ever” they just couldn’t resist and had to stop by. 
There was Gracie who told me she was the oldest of the children; She said, she was the oldest by at least a year. Strangely enough, she is the baby of the Amazing Trio.
There was Elizabeth who has never seen a camera in her life and just didn’t know what to do.
There was William, who became Mary Elizabeth very good friend.
 Last but not Least, there was Henry….Who does not share his Oh Henry Bars . . .

There was a soccer game and the men were ready to rumble.

The competition was fierce.
In every nook and cranny in the great yard of Graceland there was something going on. 
Ideas and friendships were being formed. 
The celebration was grand.

There was an obstacle course to test the highest skills. 

Testing balance 

And Endurance
The skills were amazing! 


It was Kathryn’s turn.

She got stuck!


Like the good sports they are

the Winners decided to sit on her.


It was time for cake and Gracie decided it would be best to just roll her away. 

There was cake, fireworks, presents and stuFF and that was the end
 of the “Best Birthday Ever” for  2010.
And then it happened

There was a comment  left  by One of many cuzzins!

“And where have you been? What’s going on down there? Let’s go girlie, post an update!

~R :)” 


  ~ Where have I been? ~ 

That’s a good question. . .

Alrighty, here goes. . . You READY?

August was one of those months. . . Those busy months filled with this, that and the other thing! Just one of those “Topsy Turvy” months. You know exactly what I’m talking about. We have all had them. 

To start off with, August is usually the time I get our class room together for school. 

I take all the books we don’t want and put them in a pile. Then I take all the books we do want and put them in a pile AND then. . .  I walk away and I let the pile sit there for days because I think, “Why am I doing this again?”  I also think, Maybe I should just set fire to this room and start over FRESH!

 But, then I think 

No, rebuilding would take to long and the smoke would give me headache.   

I then do the same thing with all our papers from last year: I take EVERYTHING we did,  put them in folders and boxes, I make sure all our important papers are properly recorded  and then  I think. . . WOW! We did a lot of work last year.  I put all this in piles on my desk and then. . . get over whelmed and walk away. 

AND then I think. . . Why am I doing this again? Maybe I should just set fire to this room and start over.

No, that would just be to messy and the smoke would give me a headache.

I still have lots of work to do here. 


Both cars died! 

But, have no fear!  MacGyver ((A.K.A Mark)) laid the healing touch on them. We are back in business! That man can fix anything. I don’t even worry about these things any more. I usually just say, “Oh, you’ll fix it.” and then go about my life. 
That’s when August really happened. People and animals were going down all around me. I spent my days taking care of the injured, wounded and sick.

Kathryn fell down the stairs spraining her ankle badly and “tweaking” the growth plate.  

At the orthopedics office we are waiting forever ~ For a laugh, I whip out my phone and take her picture.
 Kathryn was not amused! 
This fall left her on crutches for more then a week. Today she is walking in a boot and seems to be healing quite nicely. 
But! Wait! I’m not finished.

The very next day I am out running. I am on my fifth mile at a very slow pace. 
I am wondering “Why am I doing this again?” 
I have a little over a mile to go  . . . 
Matthew calls.
I dropped Matthew and Stephen off at 6 A.M. to work up at the vineyards down the street. They were cutting vines preparing for the grape harvest. The phone had one of those panic rings. . . I stopped and answered:  “Hello”  Matthew says “Hi, Mom. What are you doing? I say, “Running.” ” What happened?”

He replies with a cool. . . “How do you know there is something wrong?” I say, “I just do.” “Is Stephen okay?”
“Well, Stephen cut his finger and it’s pretty bad.” I tell him, I will be there as soon as I can. 
I was off!  
I ran home,  ran through the door grabbed the car keys, called Matthew told him I was on my way. Pick up my sons. . . take them to my mothers and miss my father terribly. He was the one who always knew what to do in these situations.  

I make some phone calls . . . Our doctor is not in the office today. (( of course! )) I find out the best place to take Stephen is the new medical center down the street. I am told they could handle all kinds of things. I get there, pay my $75 fee ~ they say they will bill for the rest later. 
We see the doctor: She says, “Oh! I can’t touch this.” and sends us to the emergency room.  
I think. . .  Should I ask for my money back or should I just leave right now for the emergency room? 

I left for the emergency room but I think of my $75.00 often.

At the hospital we are waiting forever. . . I whip out my phone for a laugh and take Stephen’s picture. He tried to smile and didn’t mind very much. He even thought it was a little funny. Five stitches later and lots of care, he is fine and his finger has healed nicely. 

The next week, Matthew started his college classes at the local college and I think I am so glad he is still home. I get him settled in his school life with books and supplies.
Both dogs were sicks and the fun still did not end. 

This guy hit us hard! 


Don’t let that Opie Cunningham face fool you; He packs a mean virus that should be feared far and wide. Rummer has it. . . He even gave his own mother strep throat. His own mother! 

I really shouldn’t say anything. . . because you know, It almost seems like gossip and he is a child and all. . . AND I really don’t like to point fingers  ~ I’m just say’n


So, my Dear Cuzzin. . . Here’s your update. . . Thanks for noticing. . . Thanks for asking.

The Dancing Dress

 What’s a girl to do when she puts on her dancing dress OR…maybe turns on her computer and it just doesn’t work?
Maybe, she just pouts for while. She may even want to cry….But then she really has to try to find a way to simply make things work.

So she gets out there and tries… Even though the dancing dress is beautiful and the computer is suppose to be very smart…nothing seems to work and things… just don’t seem to get any better.
People try to help. But, they just couldn’t seem to get it right. You know… it has been one of those weeks…when you just can’t seem to get the “red eye” out of a good picture.
But then there is hope…

They make you smile and make the dancing dress ((or the computer)) do what it is suppose to do. And now that you can finally dance or maybe simply post…things just don’t seem all that bad anymore.

Feliz Navidad … Día Tres ((Day Three)) Last Day I Promise!!!

Okay, I promise this is the last Christmas day post …
I almost called this post Merry Kissmass…but I thought you may think that would be way too tacky so I didn’t.
You will see why…….
There is something you don’t know about us….
Well, really there is something you don’t know about my husband…..
He is a huge Kiss fan…
Huge!!!! I tell you!!!
For Christmas and lots of fun this year Mark’s sister gave him Kiss things.

Thanks Kim!!!
Yeah! She looks nice enough BUT…should we encourage him?
Back to the day…This year we had planned on spending December 26 with Mark’s mother and sisters. They were thoughtful enough to make sure they included my mother but when all was said and done my mom was just to pooped to come. So She stayed home and enjoyed the quite of the season…
We arrived to a beautiful feast table full of desserts and snacks.

The Dinning Room was prepared beautifully with three tables arranged for us all to sit and celebrate together in the same room. It was really very, very nice.
We could see they must have been working for days.

It was Mark’s job to cut the turkey.

We had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.

They showered us with more gifts…and the day spending time with family was perfect.


did I mention Mark is a huge Steelers fan too?

I think the highlight of the day for me was when Mark gave his mom this GREAT BIG bottle of Sherry…To think, we brought in such a big bottle of sherry for his mother, who is such a sweet, kind, gentle LADY made laugh and laugh…Mark said he bought the big one thinking there was more bang for the buck…True…But it will take her the next 35 years to drink it all.
The thought of that just cracked me up all day…and everytime I look at this photo I still giggle.

Matthew enjoyed it too.

And Liz…She wants to know where Santa Clause is and why he has only come

THREE times this year….

I Married MacGyver

Last weekend Mark informed me there was something wrong with his van. He told me he had to spend Easter Sunday working on it to make sure it was ready for work Monday morning.

Not a big deal ……..He can fix it.

He really can fix anything. He can just fix anything, really.

So IT began

My first thought was “BUMMER”. He will spend all of Easter Sunday under a hood.

As he said, It was okay. He will fix it by dinner.

The kids and I went to my parents and we had a very nice time watching Stephen hide the Easter eggs way out of the younger children’s reach. The kids played, found the eggs, came up with very inventive ways to get the eggs down, dinner came and went but there was NO Mark.

When I called him to ask him how things were going. He said, Fine, I just have more of a mess then I thought…….I said Oh, Okay see you when we get home……….knowing by tomorrow every thing would be okay. Because, he really can fix anything.

At 11:00 PM came Mark come in the house greasier then I have ever seen him before. I asked him how the problem was…….I just knew everything was okay….and I have learned at times like these it is always best to only ask questions you only know the answer too……..Right?

As I stood there smiling, He stunned me with “NO! It’s not fixed……I told you I have more problems then I thought.”



Huuu? He still has not fixed the problem………Now what do I do?

My mind went blank……. I thought to myself, “SELF?? How could this be? He always fixes the problem.?.?”

Oh! No! Now, this is a CONunDRUM!

He tells me not to worry……..He’ll have to take care of it tomorrow.


We have customers waiting. How can he fix it tomorrow?

{Just so you know; We are self-employed and if anyone hasn’t heard yet……..They are saying jobs are scarce everywhere …….especially in the housing sector. They are also saying the economy is bad……..and let me tell you………..It IS!!}

But, I don’t panic………I’m just good like that………………..Okay, I don’t panic too much ………Well, just between us, I panicked where he could not see me.

Monday Morning

Mark gets up and heads out to work on the van. He comes in and says he “thinks” he has fixed problem one. But, now there is another problem.

WHAT? Another problem? What do you mean another problem?

He says “Now the alternator is down.”

Down? What do you mean down? ………..He says, like I have to buy a new one.

And then he says, “But don’t worry I think I can fix it.”

Of course he can fix it. He can fix anything. He really can fix just anything.

He does a little of this and a little of that………….He runs the alternator down to a friends garage for a wrench for some reason we don’t have. He comes home, works on the thing some more. He sprinkles a little magic dust on the part. I see bubble gum and duct tape and then he tells me……………That it should work and everything will be fine.

Yay! Of course it will be fine……..Why wouldn’t it be?…….We lost a job or two today but tomorrow will be better and then everything will be fine.

Everything will be just fine………RIGHT????

Well…………….. Mark comes into the house again and tells me the part that he was tightening broke off in his hands. “OH! That can’t be good.” I say. “What are you going to do?” He tells me he will see how much the new part will be and where he can find it………. Then, he will put it back on……….He tells me he should get the thing up and running by the morning.

He goes to the computer. He searches and then says to me, “the part we need is over $1,000.00″…………………$1,000.00??? are you kidding??????
He says apparently, this is a common problem with this type of car……… I really don’t remember anything else he could have said…………….Because, that is when ‘THE” headache started.

He tells me everything will be okay and not to worry. He is going to see if he can make the part……………….

Well……… He can fix it. He really can fix anything……..

I will be okay.

I worked with the kids in school……..I did a little of this and a little of that…..I tried to work on a story for the blog…..hit the publish button by mistake……….burned dinner, went back to the computer looking for something to distract me, saw I had two comments on the new story………….. THOUGHT “OH NO! I’m so embarrassed what did I do?” ………I fixed what I could…………tried to understand Matthew,s Physics.


The headache grew worse!

Mark comes back in and says……….”NOW! I have to think about this one.”

Think about it? How long? What do you mean ‘think’ about it?

Then, I have to ask the questions all good secretaries have to ask………..I ask him if he thinks he will be able to get it done by the morning or should I call the people that are waiting for him and cancel for tomorrow?

He says “CANCEL!”


I do it ~ One lady says that’s okay she understands. Yay! Nice lady! One down…One to go……The other lady says, she will call someone else and hangs up mad……GREAT!! Stupid woman!

Tuesday Morning

Mark gets up and heads out to the garage…..He comes in and tells me he has to go out and see if he can find the parts to make the part he needs……………..He is gone most of the morning. My headache is a little better but it is still there…….I am still thinking……Oh No! I hope he can get this done before tomorrow.

Nothing like a supportive wife and little pressure, huh?

He comes home around noon. I hear banging in the garage and see a little magic dust, bubble gum and duct tape………….and then………..

TADAAA……….. The VAN works! Better then it did before.

Of course it works!………..I wasn’t worried………..Where you?