blue jean eyes

This girl with the blue jean eyes 

Liz June 3.jpg Logo.jpg

will be shaken it up next week with her dance school in Florida’s Disney. 

All the girls have worked seriously hard on this event and it will be fabulous. 

So. . .  she and I – her and me – myself and that one – will be packing the car tight and taking off for the magic kingdom. 

and then a run to Tallahassee to see our brown eyed girl & that love of her life we adore so much. 

I can’t wait.  

note to self. . . . don’t forget the Nikon


celebrations with the neighbors

Friday messages of love from our artist

everyone home safe and sound

a baby girl for a nephew

hearing I captured that Wise Woman’s personality so well

wildflowers from the most Charmings

and dinner with those two – too – too – also

cool June days

sitting by that pool

my girl back on her feet

new friend & just a few doors down for our youngest

adoration . . . just Him & i


find magic

” You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book.”                                            

 Dr. Seuss              


This one. . . if it’s not dancing . . . it’s reading.     

No  complaints from me. 



Cousins traveling . . . dropping into Graceland. . . making us feel so special

sitting with family around the big table @ the best Nana’s

seeing girls grow closer

messages of love to me from her BFF

kids on fire for the Holy Spirit

courage from the girl who loves music . . . talking to youth about the past 8 months & how you prayed & He answered

that man with the big laugh keeping close tabs

early morning rising . . . getting things done

birds singing their good morning song

empty laundry basket . . . could I really be caught up?  counting it anyway

calls from the Philosopher . . . working so hard two states away

the joy I see from her preparing for “the big dance” @ the Peace Center of all places

watching them turning dreams into truths

a marinette priestly ordination – oh, if you ever get the chance you must go . . . such beauty

a conversation with a stranger turned friend

a texted sent to the wrong person turned into blessings


First Day of Advent . . . a day of Hope

I just can’t enough of the eyes on this girl.

Elizabeth and her blue eyes.jpg warmed up B

So today marks the third month of her daddy’s transplant. Today is also the first day of Advent . . . a day of Hope.

And it is a day of Hope. It was a weekend of hope –  it was an ordinary weekend just like any other – with the Fisherman outside helping the tallest of our children with his car.  Oh! That car! That terrible, terrible car.

The pair came in and out of the house with greasy hands searching the internet of what to do next.

The Fisherman watched the ball games, listening where he could to them on his phone and hoped for the Steelers to win with great disappointment. The girl who loves music helped to put lights on the Christmas tree, and the girl who loves everyone played with friends.

The philosopher had gone back to school

and then it was time for the Fisherman’s walk – something he couldn’t do before transplant.

We walked side by side, and talked with cool wind blowing, leaves falling – the day turning into night, and then he said. “Hey, lets run.”

and he beat me.


1001 gifts

321.) running with the Fisherman again

322.) a day like any other

323.) leaves twirling

324.) warm brownies

325.) all my children sleeping in the same house – eating at the same table

326.) to much food in the fridge

327.) laughter

328.)  a warm bed

329.) people glad to see us

330.) the prayers – so many prayers

331.) losing to the Fisherman during our run . . . something that could never have happened three months ago.

I gotta tell ya. . .

 My top model is just doll. 

wind 5

Yesterday she wanted to stay with “the best Nana ever” for a little while.  But, the best nana wasn’t feeling well and wanted to lie down.  I told this girl of mine she had to come  home with me so  Nana could rest.  

wind 4

Well . . . if you can believe it – she was grumpy about the whole thing. 

wind 3

I then asked her if she wanted to blow  dandelion seeds around the yard while I took her photo – she put on a little tiny  smile and said,  “I guess so.” 

Wind B& W

and then she blew, and blew, and blew.  

wind and a big smile

Do  you want to know what happened next?

She laughed, and laughed,and laughed all the way home.  


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a patch of daisies

Yesterday Liz and I pulled over to the side of the road to take shots of a field covered in daises.  

Daisy 2

I couldn’t get deep into the patch because the grass was much to high. I didn’t want to drag my little girl through all those weeds when they were up to her shoulders.  AND  I was afraid of snakes.  

Picking flowers

But, there was a little patch of daisies close to the road and I was able to get a couple of shots of that.

Liz in B&W with her eyesclosed

The shot I thought I would use today. But, then I captured her and thought no  batch of daisies today.

makes me smile

What more do I need when I have this girl. 


I snapped

On day 5 of my 30 day photo challenge I asked my top model to let me take a few photos of her.   She  said, “she needed to think of what it was she wanted me to take pictures of her doing.” 


Because it was just drizzling a little this day, she went outside,  put her sweater over her head, got down on one knee and thought for a minute. . . in the rain. 

I snapped. 


She turned her head to the side and thought some more. 

I snapped. 


She caught me snapping . . .   I snapped again. 


She turned her head, smiled a little – she  knew what she was doing pleased me. 

And, I snapped one more time. . . just for good measure. 


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Catching UP

I am totally off my blogging grove. I haven’t posted, visited my blogging friends or up loaded photos in weeks.

 It just seems wrong to me. 

I didn’t show you the wonderful Easter Eggs Liz colored with her girl friends. 
I didn’t tell you about Leah ((the little girl next door )) buying Liz a best friend necklace and being so excited to give it to her.  
I didn’t tell you, this child is four years old and just as sweet as she can be. 
I know I have told you she cannot talk but, speaks volumes. And, Leah will be sure to steal your heart. 
I didn’t show you the fun Liz and Madelyn had a few days later.  
Madelyn is Leah’s big sister. She is a sweety too. 
Sometimes, even the best of sisters have to play with their bestie on different days and color eggs. 
That’s just the way it is. 
There is so much more to tell you. . . but first. . . I have to clean the kitchen. 
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all the Excitment

 I don’t know if you call tell – but someone is very excited about her new look.

 and. . . It’s not all about the beautiful cape the best Nana Ever found.

 Can you see?              Can you see what all the excitement is about???
Until Next Time . . .


Fabulous Photo Friday
:: Favorite Photo Friday :: 

~ Perfect Memories ~

My fondest, earliest memories are of the water. . . in the water. . . under the water.
with my eyes wide open . . . feeling the water move me

 while I glided through – weightless pretending to be a Mermaid.
Ni Hao Y’all


These photos were taken with a disposable water proof  Fuji camera ~ the day was partly cloudy to mostly sunny and perfect! ~ the first photo:  I added black and white –  I  then added a little of the  color back to the photo – the second and last photos are completely unedited