Day 7 – the View from . . .

If I were honest, I would honestly tell you this is was what I’m I was looking at right now when I started this post:

I am looking at my beautiful 15 year old daughter while she is studying for her Anatomy exam. Both Kathryn and Stephen take this class from Dr. Bennett.  Here is were I interrupt everything because, I  have to say . . . PRAISE GOD!!!  and then I will go on to tell you how I can’t teach science and how  I thank God for Dr. Bennett every time I see these kids working hard in this class. . .  and that is often.  This is one hard class!  then I have to say again firmly:

THANK GOD for Dr. Bennett!
So here is the thing – Through this past week we have established: I am a cheater. 

With the excepting of Mrs. Claus,  it seems to me that everyone is okay with cheating.  To tell you the truth. . . I’m not worried about Mrs. Claus’s husband Santa at all. . . I have a plain for that. It involves fudge. My sister, Lucy, says I’m the best fudge maker EVER!  In fact, I am feeling quite encouraged and confident Santa will like my fudge enough to leave me something VERY nice for Christmas.

Because this photo seems more Halloween-ish then Christmas-ish and I know we are all running around like crazy trying to get IT all done before the big day.  I am not going to post this photo. It seems to me we need something more calm and “peaceful” then a photo of a girl with a skull in her hands. 

Day 7 – the View from here Hunting Island. 

Remember when I told you yesterday the Best Nana took us to Fripp Island last week?  This view is from Hunting Island looking on to Fripp.

Now I ask you. . . Isn’t this a better view???

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About the Party Later. . .First the Song

The birthday party was amazing! I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I wish you could have all come.  Everything was perfect. 


Today, I want to share the song Margaret and her friend Audrey wrote and sung for our mother.  It was a smashing hit! 

Audrey’s son, Adam, played the song to the tune of the hit T.V. show “All in the Family”.   

Gracie’s Birthday Song

(Sung to “All in the Family” theme)

Our Gracie’s sweet as she can be,
Came from a big family,
Born back on the 12th of May,
This is her day.

Grew up with a rowdy crew,
Bernie, Ed and Carolyn too,
Don’t forget there’s Bob and Ray and Ann an Oh! Mary Lou.

From Boston she moved to the South,
Some thought she had a big ol’ mouth,
Talking about politics,
Who could you blame?

Married her Prince and it was grand
They built Coachwood’s Graceland,
Married 58 swell years,
She was his Dear.

She danced and sang out in the rain,
Til she got some sharp knee pain,
She headed for the mystery books,
And she CAN cook!

Her Carolina cake with fudge icing,
Has us running and a slicing,
She says, “Who cares how it taste!?”
“But don’t set that table in haste!!”

Takes her grandkids on those special flings,
And she sure likes pretty things,
Can solve your almost anything,
She’s generous too.

Loves to garden, travel, go to Mass
Not much into fishing bass
Chocolate, yes and movies too
This gals no fool

Loves her kids and grandkids too,
But mess with her and she’ll get you,
Love this lady oh so much; we called her cuz Georgia up.

Turning 80 ain’t so bad.

Can’t wait til 100’s had,

Life with Gracie’s always rad,

Song written and Sung by: Margaret Hoverath and Audrey Mosley.

Playing along with Communal Global