for all Mothers

Yesterday Stevie Wonder asked me to meet him down town. He said he was going to Mass and then he would be off to the  surprise birthday party for the “Best Nana”.

Well, the kid didn’t show up.  

I sat through Mass alone and after I called him.  Like any mother, I worry what will become of my 18 year old son. 

 I couldn’t get an answer.  His phone was turned off. 

Finally, when I did talk to him – I calmly said, “Stephen, where were you?” He said “Mother, I was doing  the work of my father.”   I knew what he was referring to but still, I was lost. 

Stevie Wonder and Isabella

Then he says, “I was at the Abortion Clinic with Vic”.  . . ” We thought since it was Mother’s Day weekend we should be praying for all mother’s and their babies.” 

My heart filled with  pride for this wonderful son of mine and his loving friend.  I thought two things. . . .  How very, very beautiful! and were the heck did these kids come from?

Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!!! 


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Life’s Little Thrills

I took this picture of Kathryn the other day. I can’t believe how much she has grown.
It thrills me to see what a beauty she is becoming. 
Septmeber 7, 2010

I do love this picture. But you know, it does not show the dimple on the other side of her face. I am telling you, that thing goes right through her face.  It is so cute! Sometimes I think I should bring that to her attention and get her to pose on that side only. . . But, then I think NO!!! I would just be creating a dimple monster.  We have enough issues at 13.  

When I was editing this picture, I noticed another picture of  her when she was in 4-k. It sits on my desk.


Kathryn 4 years old ~ Grace Covenant Christmas 2001

Yes, there was a time my kids went to school.

I can’t believe how much she has grown and I think, “What a thrill it is to be a mother.