. . .In A Box

You know what they say: With age comes wisdom. . . 
and then again, they say: Great things come in small packages. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
I guess you could say both of these statements are very true. 
Just last night my mom and I were talking about my dad. Mary Elizabeth was there and she noticed just how very  sad  ” the best Nana ever” was getting while the best Nana talked about her beloved husband. 
In a very wise and mature voice Lizzy said: ” Nana, you don’t have to miss Grandpa. He lives in your heart.”    
~ “See, I’ll show you.”~ 
Because our wisest and littlest one didn’t know how to draw a heart, Elizabeth asked “the best Nana ever” to draw a heart for her. 
So Nana drew the heart and Liz goes on to say in her wisest voice. . .
“See, just like this Nana.” “He’s little, tiny.” “In your heart.” and Liz drew a little, tiny man. . . in Nana’s heart. 
Liz then says. . .“Oh! but, In a box.” 
and then she lovingly drew a box around her grandpa. . . in Nana’s heart.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
You see, the last time Mary Elizabeth saw her grandpa it was at his funeral. She had just turned three years old.  She knows her grandpa has died and has gone to heaven “to be with the Saints and Angles”.  We tell her this all the time. 

What she can’t figure out is  ~ why in the world he has gone to this place called heaven. . . and. . .Why?. . .  In a box of all things.  
and the house broke out into laughter and the Best Nana Ever said. . . 
“Boy! Would Grandpa love that.” 

Playing along with:  Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
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Best Friends and a little bit of Yellow

The photo challenge this week over at I Heart Faces is Yellow.

This is a photo I took of Mary Elizabeth and her “Best Friend” Madalyn Grace. The girls were waiting, with much anticipation, for an outing to the park with “the best Nana ever”. . .Nana Grace.

I Heart Her Face. . .

In the attempt to improve my camera skill. . .Or . . . The lack of my camera skill.  I thought I would play the i heart faces weekly photo challenge:

This week a face and a heart was required for the picture. I have been reading directions and instructions and watching tutorials on how to take a nice photo in hopes to improve. Is my skill better? I don’t know. I’m more confused then ever. Maybe that shouldn’t matter, I’ll tell you this. . .Mary Elizabeth sure loved it when I drew the lipstick heart on her face. You would think the child has been modeling her whole life.  She was so excited it was hard to keep her still just for a few seconds. When I went to wash her face she was stunned and she asked if she could leave it there forever.  When I told her we had to wash it off she said. . .”BUT! I want to show Nana. . .She will love my face with a heart on it.”