blue jean eyes

This girl with the blue jean eyes 

Liz June 3.jpg Logo.jpg

will be shaken it up next week with her dance school in Florida’s Disney. 

All the girls have worked seriously hard on this event and it will be fabulous. 

So. . .  she and I – her and me – myself and that one – will be packing the car tight and taking off for the magic kingdom. 

and then a run to Tallahassee to see our brown eyed girl & that love of her life we adore so much. 

I can’t wait.  

note to self. . . . don’t forget the Nikon


celebrations with the neighbors

Friday messages of love from our artist

everyone home safe and sound

a baby girl for a nephew

hearing I captured that Wise Woman’s personality so well

wildflowers from the most Charmings

and dinner with those two – too – too – also

cool June days

sitting by that pool

my girl back on her feet

new friend & just a few doors down for our youngest

adoration . . . just Him & i


Dreary Days of November

“Don’t eat those yet!” I say to the Fisherman just before he takes a bite. He puts it down and shakes his head at me. 

Three pairs logo

Last night I see these pears and knew tomorrow’s forecast was rainy, dreary and overcast.   Rainy, dreary overcast days are one of my favorite forecasts for dreamy dark and moody light. 

Oh, my!  Be still my heart.  How I love this moody light of November. 



reaching goals

photographing  many beautiful faces

fall colors


laughs over the phone with my son far away

dark, dreary days

new friends

see her happy face running to the car after dance class




Figs on the brain

Figs . . . 

I haven’t been able to get them out of my mind.

Not because I like to eat them . . . I just wanted to photograph them.  fig pumkn logo

It’s crazy I know but, sometimes I can think of anything else but . . what I will photograph next. . . what will look most beautiful in the view of my little 35mm. 

and even though at times I just can’t get to the photograph yet 

I think about it. 

figs logo

So for the past month, anytime I went into a store, the first thing I was in of search of were FIGS.

I had the Best Nana, Lucy and that other sister of mine looking, looking, looking 

for Figs

Fig 2 logo

Figs on the brain 

No one could find them. 

I thought maybe I missed them. . . an internet search told me the time was just not right for the South but,  they were coming. 

_figs 4 logo

So I waited until they came. 


1001 Gifts

505.) cooler days

506.) when the youngest one says, “I love school”

507.) long over due dinners with Good Friends

508.) up coming birthdays

509.) fruit bowl full

508.) longer nights

509.) flowers for a salad

510.) good deeds I’m invited to and orchestrated by our oldest

511.) good health for the best Nana

512.) peaceful house

513.) time to post

514.) an old dog always happy to see me

515.) refrigerator full

516.) kids working hard towards the next thing

517.) time