A 2017 update on our Girl

It’s past a year now since you prayed her well.

         and she is amazing.

Thank you Jesus! 


From that accident, a year ago, with fractured skull – there was hearing loss on left side.

A year later, a new doctor tells us he maybe able to reconnect hearing bones and all should go well.

However . . . there is a tiny, ever so tiny chance he could brush nerves that control the face. . . and then facial paralyses could set in once again.  

My teeth clinch,  and I feel them shift. 

He assures us he’ll stop if he feels he’s to close 

and so she trusts and wants to move forward with this operation. 


There was another accident two months ago.

Her fault.

She was stopped at a light. . . and that was all she can remember.  This time, nothing was hurt a Fisherman dad with magic hands, and dedication to his girl couldn’t fix.  

and we blew out a whole breath 

The next day this girl and I sat down to talk about what had happened . . . she was frightened because she didn’t know.   No more driving we said . . . until we check this out. 

more doctors were added and more tests were done – the results  Absence Seizures

We thank God only cars were hurt and doctors are on it. 

and once again we focus on the good. 

Because really. . .  what else is there? 

Time and time again we hear just how amazing she’s doing. . . and we rejoice

With her daddy as her morning chauffeur – today she started school again – out the door 6:45 sharp . . . and she’s excited for this life. 



the  historian visits arms & heart full with gifts

clean sheets

an art show, an afternoon spent with the best Nana

visit from the man with the big laugh

late night baking scones

a coffee date five years in the making

lunch with the girl with curly hair,  her wonderful friend & her little sister

house up early before sun

heart filled conversations in the cold

belly laughs from the youngest. . . she thinks I’m funny

excitement in the air

Grace unfolding



Baby, she’s come a long way

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 


and it didn’t.  

Happy 2017 Y’all 


I promise you there will be a complete update on her recovery this week.  As you know, it’s been an amazing process.  There are more tests to run and, an upcoming surgery for hearing. 

But, the bottom line is:


She’s come a long way.  

Praise God!



a family together celebrating the year to come & the year past

developing relationships

an almost sunset on Sassafras Mountain

rain washing away the old

company sharing gifts

coffee with photography friends


December 1

Today is the first day of December and my heart is light.  We had quite an impressive  storm last night that sent us all running towards shelter.  But, the morning is glorious.   Isn’t that the way it always is? 

 It’s no lie that 2016  has proven to be an amazing year. . .  a year we will never forget. 

It was named  the year of Mercy in the Catholic Church. . . and through this year, “His Mercy has filled us“. 


I had the privilege of  photographing these two last weekend.   Engagement photos for our Philosopher and his brown eyed girl. 

and this brown eyed girl . . . Oh, what a love she is.



impromptu conversations in a parking lot

calls about safety

surprise texts from a much loved cousin

a photograph sent to me that I love

messages of love

safety from the storm


support for each other





The Philosopher is home, and with him came Irish Philosopher who’s here studying philosophy in the States. 


I like this Irish Philosopher. He’s gentle and kind. 


We decided to make Irish Scones. I cracked the green eggs and saw green on the inside too.  And oh my goodness I never expected that. .  . 

I told this Irish Philosopher I had to stop  and grab my camera. He thought I was kidding.   But, you know me. 


 The house is full.  

The house is full of papers to grade by Philosophy T.A’s 

paper plans of buildings and projects Charming is involved in

everywhere you look there is something someone is working on 

and their lives are moving forward the way it was meant to be. 

 It seems I blinked again. 



laughter in my house

she ‘s so loud but, oh the laughter

the Irish Philosopher

everyone sleeping under the same roof

inside green eggs

amazing weather

family football

beautiful table

sudden surprises

quite mornings

big smiles from brown eyed girl because he’s home

charming cooks the turkey





Someone asked the other day to sum up my year in one word.  It made me nervous . . .  

I’m grateful 

Daisy's Novermber 2016 logo.jpg

 “No, not the way you feel about the year . . . just sum up the year in one word.”

and it made me uncomfortable again. . . “I don’t like those games.” I said laughing, “and besides it’s not over yet.  I’ll have to think about it.”  and I shifted the subject. 

this has been the year that has sent us to our knees like no other 

It’s been a year filled with many gifts, many trails and then so many unforeseen  blessings. . . some gifts I forgot to look for and some I even forgot to record. 

Really . . . it’s been a year full.

 FULL and there is my one word.  

and to think of it all  . . . still makes me nervous



a ride with a new friend

the best Nana home safe and sound

an amazing meal out

a girl who cleans their shower

a little work being done

up early with the sun

few minutes with charming before he runs out the door

building relationships


the oldest will be home today





“The most effective way to do it, is to just do it.”   

Amelia Earhart


Easy for her to say 

I’ve had these eggs waiting on me to photograph for weeks. I love the rich colors, and the green one has me swooning.  Oh! My goodness . . . it’s true. 

Life’s been still for a while, and I’m counting the stillness as a blessing. 



safe trip home from Atlanta

“no news is . . .no news” & that’s good news

great conversations

time to photograph

coffee with a new friend

coffee from my favorite shop in Atlanta

okay . . . coffee. . . I like coffee

slight breeze

early morning coolness

fall colors popping in my woods

friends motivating friends

I notice

I notice she still sticks her tongue out when she works.

Rose kathryn, October 10.jpg

 I see her father in her . . . & a brother of mine.

My heart takes a leap; I smile, count, and watch her work.



kids feeling better today

cool mornings

 talks with Charming while I cook

long telephone conversations with my oldest far away

wrapped in fuzziest of blankets late night talks

hot tea

work for the fisherman

yellow touches

her joy when I tell her I had to multiply a recipe by 6 . . . she thinks I’m a real cook & I laugh

her disappointment when I tell her I has a checker  . . . and I laugh harder

mac-n- cheese to share

she still sticks her tongue out when she works


Today marks the seventh anniversary of the visionary’s  passing. 


We miss him. . . always & forever. 



she dances at the Peace Center this very weekend & it’s perfect timing for all of us

a full day spent with both my girls

a quiet day spent at home before the busy weekend

cooler mornings

lots of rain three days ago

quiet conversations

morning light

things working the way they should

grease marks

Took this through kitchen door window Saturday as this one worked with greasy hands. 

He can do anything. . . and I mean anything.  He amazes me time and time again.

 and he thinks it’s nothing to have these hands that can fix . . . like his father. He thinks it’s nothing to have a mind that solves problems, and thinks outside the box. . .  like his Grandfather. 


ISO 500  F 5.6  1/100 sec

and then I caught him working . . . reading how on his phone. The light was calling me.  If he knew I was watching he would have moved. 

I read this the other day: 

“If you look for Jesus in everything, you will certainly find him.”

                                                                                        – Thomas a` Kempis

and when he works . . . he’s in the zone and leaves a long trail 

I just mopped kitchen floor and scrubbed cabinets clean. . .   and then I see it. . .  grease marks trailing in. . . on floor, cabinets, new dish cloth . . .   

 I look, praise  & I count . . .  



Charming in the zone

trails left behind . . . he’s never been any different &  I hope he’ll never change

smiles when he works

their laughter

dancing girl loving her practice

friends I see in store – a few minutes to talk

Fisherman sees friend from long ago

time alone to clean and get caught up

long conversation  with oldest even if it’s on the phone

a day by the pool

excitement in the house over movie seen

Zero is Best

Four days ago was the fisherman third birthday since the transplant. Yesterday we traveled for his second annual health check. 

For three nights we have celebrated this birthday week with meals fit for a king.


and then great news comes back from transplant today . . . with rejection at 0.  


This is the only time in your life you want to be zero. 

On this side of the transplant life. . .  Zero is good.

Zero is best 

Zero is our hero 


Hurray for Zeros! 

and then I had time for a Happy Fall Y’all photograph, and Henry plopped himself right down in it. 

 So here it is . . . Happy Fall Y’all

love, me . . .  & Henry 


birthdays to celebrate

a good school day with the youngest

dinner guests

excitement over the upcoming dance

changing weather

safe trips to and home again

great biopsy results

amazing breeze

running in soft rain

laughter in our house

homework being done