who said that?

This is my brother George. He is always on, always moving,  always ready with a story. 

There are times I call him Samuel Clemons.  

George Sr

To get his photo – one has to be quicker then I am on the trigger.  He won’t stand still long enough for me to shoot and then he says something clever.  I have to adjust myself all over again and chase him down.  This shot was the best I could get yesterday and even though I was disappointed I didn’t get him looking at the camera he left me laughing, like he often does. 

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” Mark Twain – or was that my brother George who said  that? 

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Working on Close ups

Yesterday I was suppose to have my very first real outside photo shoot with my neighbors family. Well, it rained all day.  It didn’t just rain all day –  it poured all day.

 This was not the first time this very photo shoot was postponed. We were going to do it two weeks ago but,  it has  poured the last three weekends in a row. 

spiny thing

Instead of giving up or getting frustrated  I’m going to look at this as a good thing.  These rained out sessions will only give me more time for much needed practice.  

Instead of my family and people shots today,  after the rain I went out into the yard and thought I would work on micro a little   Even though it was getting late and still drizzling I wanted to shoot something small.  Because I wanted a  small object I needed a  small hand to help.   I asked my youngest daughter to hold the sweet gum ball in the air as I worked.  She happily obliged. 

I think she did a great job too. 

I ended up taking this shot in aperture mode with an F stop of 5.6.   Since it was late in the evening, I decided to use the  flash.

What do you think??? 


Project 52

kinda nice

Today’s photo is of my son’s girlfriend.  She sat for me for what I am sure she thought was forever.


but really it wasn’t. . . okay maybe it was.  But, my editing time is WAY down. All I did today was: pick my favorite photo and then 

miceala in B$W

put it in black and white.  I’m very pleased with the way it turned out and  if you ask me. . .  I think these photos are kinda nice.  

The model is not to bad either. 


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blackberry blossoms

Day 17 on my 30 day photo challenge and much to my delight I am doing this thing. 

Black Berry

I started off this morning with an early run. As I ran I thought “what will I photograph today.”  Then I pasted these wild blackberry blossoms in my neighbors front yard and knew this was going to be it. 


After I photographed the blackberry blossoms – I saw these  wild flowers in my yard. I don’t what they are but, I like them.  


Friday Photo Journal , Nurture Spring

fat Daisy

Six years ago when we brought Kathryn’s  Daisy home I told my husband I would like Daisy to have one litter of puppies and then we would get her fixed.  Daisy and her pups

I promised! I explained to him how I wanted my children to  experience this miracle of life.  

After six years of no babies for Daisy – we decided . . . she couldn’t have any.  


Lately we were in the habit of calling Daisy fat.

I called her “Fat Daisy”

But, three days ago it occurred to me. . . that she looked very round and I suggested to  Kathryn that I was not sure but,  “our fat Daisy just might be with puppies. “


When she disappeared the other day. . . we were very concerned.   Daisy never left the yard.  

When Kathryn found Daisy with 6 very large black and white babies it was such a relief all was okay. 

Leah my favorite of the day

 and the miracle of life thing that I wanted to share with the children . . . happened. 

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for all Mothers

Yesterday Stevie Wonder asked me to meet him down town. He said he was going to Mass and then he would be off to the  surprise birthday party for the “Best Nana”.

Well, the kid didn’t show up.  

I sat through Mass alone and after I called him.  Like any mother, I worry what will become of my 18 year old son. 

 I couldn’t get an answer.  His phone was turned off. 

Finally, when I did talk to him – I calmly said, “Stephen, where were you?” He said “Mother, I was doing  the work of my father.”   I knew what he was referring to but still, I was lost. 

Stevie Wonder and Isabella

Then he says, “I was at the Abortion Clinic with Vic”.  . . ” We thought since it was Mother’s Day weekend we should be praying for all mother’s and their babies.” 

My heart filled with  pride for this wonderful son of mine and his loving friend.  I thought two things. . . .  How very, very beautiful! and were the heck did these kids come from?

Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!!! 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

i wouldn’t have a shot . . .

Keeping up with my 30 day photo challenge, I took the kids to get ice cream yesterday. 

Ice Cream

My mission was to take bright photographs outside of my older kids, and to do this – I bribed them.   A budding photographer will do what she has to.  Right?  

As soon as we left the house the skies opened up and it rained. Okay, it poured!

 So here we were stuck inside again at the ice cream shop;  my teen children were saying:  “Mom, if you take my picture in here I’ll die. “ So, once again I pointed my camera on her.  Then there was the  uncertainty of  what settings are best for inside.  I just don’t know yet.  

Study and practice, practice and study . . .right? 

The first shot I took was this one. . . It was to light. The next 350 shots were: to dark, to dark, really dark, wow that’s dark and then waaaay to light. 

Black and White Ice Cream

If it weren’t’ for: my first shot,  my  top model and photo editing –  I wouldn’t have a shot for today.  

This photo a day thing is hard. 


Sunday in my City

teaching in her Silence

I have told you before about my friends little girl  Leah.  She has Apraxia of Speech.  

Leah making breakfast

  So, she doesn’t speak. 

Talking to Liz

 Needless to say, when Leah comes to play at our house – the house  is quite. 

Making breakfast

One of the many things that strike me about Leah is how she loves.  

She simply just LOVES – the way a person should. 


When I heard this quote yesterday by Blessed Mother Teresa . . . I couldn’t help but think of four year Leah  – Who teaches me so much in her silence. 

Leah looking at Liz

 “The fruit of Silence is prayer. The fruit of Prayer is faith. The fruit of Faith is love. The fruit of Love is service. The fruit of Service is peace.”  

 -Mother Teresa

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Even Though . . .

You have to love this kid. This is son number two.  We call him Stevie Wonder. 

Stevie mike

He knows I’m working on my photography, and even though it was the last thing he wanted to do yesterday – he sat patiently for me while I photographed him.  . . over and over again.  

I worked on focusing on his eyes. Then I had trouble with the lighting. . . and then trouble with to many  shadows on his face.   It took forever. But, he sat for me.   Even though he said his hair was terrible,  and I knew he really, really didn’t want to do it. Some of the faces he made were down right funny.  This is typical of this son we call Stevie Wonder.  He has a heart of gold.

May he never changes. 


Little Things Thursday

He Plays . . . bass guitar

If you know my husband you maybe surprised to find out he plays bass guitar. 

Mark & Bass

If you really know my husband you would say, “He is an excellent bass guitar player.”   He has played this very instrument as long as I have known him.  These days, he only plays it for us.  Our son’s say, when they go into a guitar store with their dad – the sales man always asks Mark if he  plays – Mark  always says, “No”  and  he won’t play any of  the instruments on display.   My husband steps back to  give his boys a chance to shine.  If you knew him – you wouldn’t be surprised at all by his humble nature.  And once you heard Mark play his bass guitar,  and you got over the fact “he can burn the thing up“, as they say – you would not be surprised at all by how very good he is.

Mark seems to have a magical touch with most of things he does with his hands. He doesn’t like me to take his photograph. He doesn’t like to be front and center. He doesn’t play his bass for just anyone. 

He plays bass guitar for private audiences only, and he can fix anything with those hands. 

That’s why this photo is the closest thing to a true portrait I will probably  ever  of  him.   I love to hear him play. . . just for us. 

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