three years now

“Sometimes you just don’t know the value of a moment until becomes a memory.”

                                                                                                             ~  Dr. Suess  

We knew.


Three years now since the heart beats in the Fisherman’s chest.   In silence, we remember our donor, his family, and value of the memory of those days. 



surprise visits

great school days

cooler morning

a dog that likes to be outside

relationships growing

new beginnings

long talks with the oldest



23 years and counting. . .

Today is my 23 wedding anniversary.

lace flower

I remember when I got married, an older cousin said to me: “ You think you love him now? Just wait, it get’s better.” and I thought – how could I possibly love him more then now? Part of me couldn’t wait. . . part of me doubted her.

I mean after all, what would she know about love and life – she was older and had  been married like  forever.

I was in my 20’s.  

I knew everything.  

I was getting married. 

I think back on that and laugh at myself,  23 years later, I’m still in my 20’s but, now there is a big difference:

I know only one thing now.  

She was right!

and I’m blown away. 


1.) I’m thankful today is Father’s day . . . and I have a reason to celebrate.  Even though my father is not here physically – He is always with us.

2.) I am thankful for 23 years with Mark.

3.) I am thankful he works so hard to keep our family going.

real life. . .

Today is my 22 wedding anniversary.  


Has it always been smooth sailing?


Some days I have thought the ship might sink. . .

but, you know what?

I’d marry him all over again in an instant.  He takes my breath away, and I simply believe in him.  

Smooth sailing is for wimps. I have  a real life to live.


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