La de da

. . . the beat goes on
Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da. . . .

Sam, Stephen & Baby Logo

 baby Divine was born to the Charmings. 

and the Fisherman and I sing. . . 

La de da de de, la de da de da

the beat goes on. . . 



baby hiccups

healthy baby

healthy momma

family grows

baby cries

joy all around

rain pouring and we are home

healthy today

laughs with friends

being included in new life to come


modern technology & instant videos

I am Lola

Fisherman holds our new life




April 30

It’s the Philosopher’s birthday today.  I can’t keep my mind off a lifetime of memories with that one.  

flower 29 day of April logo.jpg

 My heart is full. 

I remember the firsts of so much. Just like any parent, you would think I thought I invented love. . .

Because with this one – our first . . . 

I did. 

I laugh at myself because  . . . it’s true. 

This life passes by so fast and now here I am almost in May and I think to myself this is the month. . .  I solemnly swear to photograph more, post more, come here more.   I have so many things planned for this space my head is swimming.  If only I could figure out how to add tabs.  The frustration is real. 

and so I leave you today with a link to my favorite birthday song that I will send to him. 


surprises from people who love me

pennies from heaven

problems being solved

headshots out of the blue

a quick trip to a mill to share a dream coming true for a sweet friend

a breakfast out

meeting a lady on fire for Jesus

catching up with a friend from days past

loving care to a stray

a midnight run to the ER for my girl & she’s all better now


a gift to celebrate . . . lady lola




The light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.  John1:5 

and just like that our girl who loves music is 21

kathryn 21 logo

and the fisherman and his wife rejoice because once, not so long ago it almost didn’t happen. 

and with grateful hearts . . . we never forget.



more birthdays

family round the table

long conversations with one son

calls from the brown eyed girl

little wooden signs

a pop in twice this week

cool days

up early


walks in the woods






Golden light on this beauty and I walk in and see.   Ohhhhh!!! Don’t move, I tell her. 

and she gives me what I want.  I take the only shot of that Thanksgiving feast. 

I put Nikon down and think about what’s next.  There was a wedding shower to give in two days. 

I forget about the shot. . . grateful our Brown eyed beauty & her new husband were with us.  

Novemeber 2017

And it’s funny how things work. . . Tomorrow’s her birthday and today I stumble through Lightroom and discover it. 

I pause and miss her hard . . . like I miss that Philosopher husband of hers.  



51.) two beautiful daughters in laws who love me. . . God is good!

52.) beautiful sky

53.) breezes

54.) chat with a neighbor

55.) invites to dinner

56.) stillness with a sister

57.) bumping into people happy to see me

58.) friends trusting with their portraits

59.) up early

60.) hugs from the boy with glasses and curly hair at Publix



“Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Today, February 17 is the Visionary’s birthday. . . .its the eighth year we have had it without him. 

and “how long is forever?” asked Alice. . . “sometimes it feels like a life time,” said I. 


a breakfast out to celebrate

bumping into people I know

a photo sent to me just because

a big day today for the youngest and plans coming through

crisp mornings

phone calls telling me he’s almost back

purring kitty – always sweet

a girl who takes time to show how much she cares

the last day in April

The last day of April was the Philosopher’s birthday. We used all the candles in the candles package on his cake.

Matthew, Birthday, 2016 April 30. Logo

  That means next year I’m going to have to buy two packs just to keep up.

And, that also means he’s getting old.  

I think I’m going to have to start lying about his age. . .  too. 

Happy May 



rain pouring down so hard you hear it hit earth

so many birthday candles you need another pack

great dinners

hard talks

help in the kitchen

giant puppies acting like they are small

the secret birthday wish

This Frog Girl has a birthday coming up next week.

She will be 9!

I can’t believe it! 


So anyway

 She told me she has a secret wish for her birthday.

This secret wish involves riding lessons on something big. 

And then, she swore me to secrecy and made me promise I wouldn’t tell anyone.  

Because,  if I told someone – it wouldn’t come true.

So I didn’t 

Because, that’s the way wishes work you know

You can’t tell anyone.

If you do

they won’t come true. 


I may or may not have told her dad.  

And when I did – he said,

“Give it to her.”

So now, we have a secret and we can’t tell her until the big birthday


, it involves learning something big on one of these guys.  


1001 Gifts

442.) strange golden light all day

443.) shopping done by someone other than me

444.) putting puzzles together with my youngest

445.) hikes

446.) hugs

447.) remembering times tables so well

448.) a recipe that everyone likes

449.) clean clothes

450.) cool days in July

451.) friends of my kids who want to be here & talk to me

452.) secrets whispered softly

453.) dads who put family first

454.) morning hugs

455.) laughter

456.) messes all around

457.) more laundry then I want to do means they are working hard


Just so you know: 

Hello Liz

 Tomorrow is someone’s birthday.

I don’t want to unveil who this special someone is yet so I’m not saying a word.

If you guess 

well then, you must be very smart! 


1000 gifts

191.) Kathryn went shopping with me for the big birthday. We talked, laughed and really had a wonderful night.

192.) The beautiful sunsets in South Carolina

193.) my run today – even though I went late – it was such a beautiful day nice and breezy. The wind cooled me off as I ran- it didn’t help my speed but. . .that’s another day.

194.) Dinner at a good friends house – it was just a perfect night.

195.) Fireflies

Sunday in My City

things I didn’t get to tell you. . .

So the past two and a half weeks . . . my computer was down.

Liz caught in the headlights

Yes! It’s true.

I totally missed blogging. It totally missed you guys. I didn’t get to tell you so much. I did get to tell you that we got “new to us” furniture. It all happened so fast.   I didn’t know I was getting all  new “to us” furniture – so how could you? 

It was like we moved out of our house, and then moved back in again.

It was crazy man!!! just crazy!

 Mark came home and said,”Hey, you know so and so . . . well they just bought all new furniture and have to move. These people said it was cheaper to buy all new furniture in their new town then ship what they have so . . .   ” Do you want it?” and of course I said:

Liz in the sun light



Then, last week because we have had so much rain, and he couldn’t get out. . .  Stevie Wonder painted our bedroom.  I actually bought the paint months ago but, we just couldn’t get to it. I came home from something the other day and there it was on my bedroom walls.  and of course . . . 

I love that too!  All these changes are just what I need. 

Profile of Lliz

Even though I have been busy with all this “new” stuff  – the worst thing about not being able to get on line was: I missed two and a half weeks of my photography class. I couldn’t post my photos at all. It was so hard to stay focused and work on them. 

I would go to the “best Nana’s”  house to get my assignments and then try my best to work on what I had to do. 

Tonight, because things are almost back to our crazy normal, and our new furniture and paint  is settled in – I am staying up late and playing catch up.

I wanted to show you my favorite photos from the past two weeks. We were working on light. 

Liz my favorite photo ever


 and the most important thing I didn’t get to tell you about. . . Guess who turned 7  Sunday?  Can you believe it??? She is SEVEN!


Little by Little / Ready to Waltz Party