April 30

It’s the Philosopher’s birthday today.  I can’t keep my mind off a lifetime of memories with that one.  

flower 29 day of April logo.jpg

 My heart is full. 

I remember the firsts of so much. Just like any parent, you would think I thought I invented love. . .

Because with this one – our first . . . 

I did. 

I laugh at myself because  . . . it’s true. 

This life passes by so fast and now here I am almost in May and I think to myself this is the month. . .  I solemnly swear to photograph more, post more, come here more.   I have so many things planned for this space my head is swimming.  If only I could figure out how to add tabs.  The frustration is real. 

and so I leave you today with a link to my favorite birthday song that I will send to him. 


surprises from people who love me

pennies from heaven

problems being solved

headshots out of the blue

a quick trip to a mill to share a dream coming true for a sweet friend

a breakfast out

meeting a lady on fire for Jesus

catching up with a friend from days past

loving care to a stray

a midnight run to the ER for my girl & she’s all better now


a gift to celebrate . . . lady lola



Here is something you didn’t know:


Here is something you didn’t know about me:

I have a tendency to take on to much.

I know it seems I kind of dropped off the face of the earth lately.

Liz in her straw hatIn the middle of Lent I stopped posting.

I tried to keep the journal going  but, my school work started to suffer. I had piles of laundry in the hall, the dishes multiplying, the kids needing me every time I tried to sit down, and my desk . . . well lets just not talk about that.         Look the other way I say!

I just had to give up something.

The only logical thing to do was to stay off line for while and catch up.  Now, I have one more week of classes; there are three more papers write, two more videos to sign, and two exams to take.

AND then

 I’m done  for the summer.

I’ll be back to playing with my friends, visiting and posting, cleaning and most of all photographing.

I miss my bloggy friends. I miss my camera.

So friends forgive me.  I know I dropped the ball and all but, I’ll pick it back up soon and then we’ll play.

xoxo, Lisa


the computer age

As I mindlessly told her the address for this wordpress blog I heard her typing on her brother’s laptop.

Then she says,  “Is this it Mom?”  Much to my amazement. . .  she’s on the site.  And then I remember, at 6 years old – she has not known life without a computer.  I should ask her to teach me how to use Photoshop and save myself sometime. 


Ready to Waltz