Crazy Dreams. . .

Lately I have been having all kinds of crazy dreams. I keep dreaming I am loosing me teeth; they twist and turn and are very, very loose in my dreams.  These dreams disturb me so much I get up to floss and brush my teeth in the middle of the night.  Today I looked up the meaning of this recurring dream.   The great Google said there is  “Instability in your life.”  and I thought Duh!


horse in the clouds 2

 I wish I could dream about horses in the sky. 

Oh! Yeah! I didn’t tell you: “The best Nana” took us to see Les, Miserables last Saturday night.  It was so very fabulous, and just wonderful too.  Oh! I loved it! 


 1.) I’m grateful to my mother. She is just way to good to us. 

2.) I’m grateful I had such a great weekend with my family.

3.) I am grateful Matthew takes Kathryn to her class most days. It gives me such a break , and helps me focus on Liz. 

The Good, The Random, The Fun