blue jean eyes

This girl with the blue jean eyes 

Liz June 3.jpg Logo.jpg

will be shaken it up next week with her dance school in Florida’s Disney. 

All the girls have worked seriously hard on this event and it will be fabulous. 

So. . .  she and I – her and me – myself and that one – will be packing the car tight and taking off for the magic kingdom. 

and then a run to Tallahassee to see our brown eyed girl & that love of her life we adore so much. 

I can’t wait.  

note to self. . . . don’t forget the Nikon


celebrations with the neighbors

Friday messages of love from our artist

everyone home safe and sound

a baby girl for a nephew

hearing I captured that Wise Woman’s personality so well

wildflowers from the most Charmings

and dinner with those two – too – too – also

cool June days

sitting by that pool

my girl back on her feet

new friend & just a few doors down for our youngest

adoration . . . just Him & i


a Magical time . . .

So, last week the best Nana EVER says: “What are you and the girls doing September 12th through the 16th?”  


and I said. . . “I don’t know.” 

Kathryn and Liz resizededited

and she says:

Liz and her princes hat

 “We are flying to Florida. I want to take Mary Elizabeth to Disney. She has never been, and she needs to go. “ 


and I said: “Wait?


Kathryn on the horse

“and Kathryn is coming too”. . . she says. 

Mom and the girls

 So we all took off and flew to Florida. 


 and went to France 


and then London. 

mom and elizabeth

No! Wait??? 

I mean,  “the Magic Kingdom”. 


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