blue jean eyes

She has the most beautiful blue jean eyes

Elizabeth April 15 2019 Logo

like her dads.  

I could stare at them forever. 

She loves Jesus, her family,  magic tricks, all animals, the Latin Mass, and will read anything she can get her hands on.  She trust everything her big sister does and says and simply adores those  big brothers and their girls. 

She loves “almost” everyone.  She loves hard. 

Her love for me is unmatchable. and I hope I will never disappoint. 

She will tap out dance after dance through grocery shopping because where there is music her “feet will not stand still”.  

Her favorite shows are the Rifle Man and Bonanza and imagines days of how the West was won.  In her version girls wore pants, carried pink guns and rode horses wild.  She saves each day and fights for all things good and holy along with Lucas, Little Joe, Pa and all the gang. 

I hold all these things about her here. . . to remember always. 


studio light streaming in

wind blowing curtains softly

surprise visits

days spent with best nana outside

talks in her room

lunch in the big city with half of my favorites

sound of hard rain

flowers blooming

clean beds outside

tight morning hugs from her

messages of excitement from our brown eyed one







blue jean eyes

This girl with the blue jean eyes 

Liz June 3.jpg Logo.jpg

will be shaken it up next week with her dance school in Florida’s Disney. 

All the girls have worked seriously hard on this event and it will be fabulous. 

So. . .  she and I – her and me – myself and that one – will be packing the car tight and taking off for the magic kingdom. 

and then a run to Tallahassee to see our brown eyed girl & that love of her life we adore so much. 

I can’t wait.  

note to self. . . . don’t forget the Nikon


celebrations with the neighbors

Friday messages of love from our artist

everyone home safe and sound

a baby girl for a nephew

hearing I captured that Wise Woman’s personality so well

wildflowers from the most Charmings

and dinner with those two – too – too – also

cool June days

sitting by that pool

my girl back on her feet

new friend & just a few doors down for our youngest

adoration . . . just Him & i


find magic

” You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book.”                                            

 Dr. Seuss              


This one. . . if it’s not dancing . . . it’s reading.     

No  complaints from me. 



Cousins traveling . . . dropping into Graceland. . . making us feel so special

sitting with family around the big table @ the best Nana’s

seeing girls grow closer

messages of love to me from her BFF

kids on fire for the Holy Spirit

courage from the girl who loves music . . . talking to youth about the past 8 months & how you prayed & He answered

that man with the big laugh keeping close tabs

early morning rising . . . getting things done

birds singing their good morning song

empty laundry basket . . . could I really be caught up?  counting it anyway

calls from the Philosopher . . . working so hard two states away

the joy I see from her preparing for “the big dance” @ the Peace Center of all places

watching them turning dreams into truths

a marinette priestly ordination – oh, if you ever get the chance you must go . . . such beauty

a conversation with a stranger turned friend

a texted sent to the wrong person turned into blessings



Just so you know: 

Hello Liz

 Tomorrow is someone’s birthday.

I don’t want to unveil who this special someone is yet so I’m not saying a word.

If you guess 

well then, you must be very smart! 


1000 gifts

191.) Kathryn went shopping with me for the big birthday. We talked, laughed and really had a wonderful night.

192.) The beautiful sunsets in South Carolina

193.) my run today – even though I went late – it was such a beautiful day nice and breezy. The wind cooled me off as I ran- it didn’t help my speed but. . .that’s another day.

194.) Dinner at a good friends house – it was just a perfect night.

195.) Fireflies

Sunday in My City

Someone reminded . . .

This is going to be First Communion Photo week:



I took a lot of photo.

Someone reminded me about my list of gratitude the other day. They told me how much they loved it and started to do it too.  And then I remember how empowering it was for me. I feel the need to get back to that. . . at least once a week.  It should be a habit for me.  I hope you’ll join me – It’s so much fun doing it together.  I think I’ll start this Sunday. What better way to start a new week then remembering how great the last week was. I have learned there is always something to be grateful for.

Until Next time. . .


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one step forward . . . three steps back

It’s already Saturday and I haven’t posted these photos yet.

Miceala 5

The week has been one of those one step forward – three steps backwards weeks.  

I hate those weeks. 

Micaela 5

But, I love these photos and I love this girl. 

Micaela in black and white.

She is my son’s girlfriend.  She was nice enough to pose for me the other night and help me along with this photography thing.  

Liz and Miceala

One of the many things I love about her is how much she truly loves that little girl of mine. 


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