things I didn’t get to tell you. . .

So the past two and a half weeks . . . my computer was down.

Liz caught in the headlights

Yes! It’s true.

I totally missed blogging. It totally missed you guys. I didn’t get to tell you so much. I did get to tell you that we got “new to us” furniture. It all happened so fast.   I didn’t know I was getting all  new “to us” furniture – so how could you? 

It was like we moved out of our house, and then moved back in again.

It was crazy man!!! just crazy!

 Mark came home and said,”Hey, you know so and so . . . well they just bought all new furniture and have to move. These people said it was cheaper to buy all new furniture in their new town then ship what they have so . . .   ” Do you want it?” and of course I said:

Liz in the sun light



Then, last week because we have had so much rain, and he couldn’t get out. . .  Stevie Wonder painted our bedroom.  I actually bought the paint months ago but, we just couldn’t get to it. I came home from something the other day and there it was on my bedroom walls.  and of course . . . 

I love that too!  All these changes are just what I need. 

Profile of Lliz

Even though I have been busy with all this “new” stuff  – the worst thing about not being able to get on line was: I missed two and a half weeks of my photography class. I couldn’t post my photos at all. It was so hard to stay focused and work on them. 

I would go to the “best Nana’s”  house to get my assignments and then try my best to work on what I had to do. 

Tonight, because things are almost back to our crazy normal, and our new furniture and paint  is settled in – I am staying up late and playing catch up.

I wanted to show you my favorite photos from the past two weeks. We were working on light. 

Liz my favorite photo ever


 and the most important thing I didn’t get to tell you about. . . Guess who turned 7  Sunday?  Can you believe it??? She is SEVEN!


Little by Little / Ready to Waltz Party