Golden light on this beauty and I walk in and see.   Ohhhhh!!! Don’t move, I tell her. 

and she gives me what I want.  I take the only shot of that Thanksgiving feast. 

I put Nikon down and think about what’s next.  There was a wedding shower to give in two days. 

I forget about the shot. . . grateful our Brown eyed beauty & her new husband were with us.  

Novemeber 2017

And it’s funny how things work. . . Tomorrow’s her birthday and today I stumble through Lightroom and discover it. 

I pause and miss her hard . . . like I miss that Philosopher husband of hers.  



51.) two beautiful daughters in laws who love me. . . God is good!

52.) beautiful sky

53.) breezes

54.) chat with a neighbor

55.) invites to dinner

56.) stillness with a sister

57.) bumping into people happy to see me

58.) friends trusting with their portraits

59.) up early

60.) hugs from the boy with glasses and curly hair at Publix



I think. . .

The other night I called this  guy and said,

Alex 2

“Would you PLEASE meet me at the best Nana’s house for some photos around 7 tonight? ” “You can bring anything you want – just come and play with me. ” 

the duel

He brought three things: His little brother, shields and swords.


 Once I got the shutter speed thing down, I couldn’t believe how much fun doing these shots were. 


The assignment this week is to get shots during the golden hour. 


 I love  everything about these photos: the colors , the settings, the swords, the boys . . . the golden hour.  I just love everything. 


I think these guys had fun.  I think they might play with me again sometime. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party