the waiting. . .

August 30, we waited the whole day,  and held our breath ~ until that very night after transplant.  That’s when I followed the Fisherman’s nurse into ICU.  I saw him there with tubes everywhere: helping to breath, helping our new heart to beat, helping fluid drain, helping to stay alive,

and it struck me

This fisherman husband of mine was truly my hero.

I knew right then and there what I have have always suspected

He is my strength.

He is my heart beat. . . my Superman. 

berries October 10 2014

And I was overcome with the love it all took to give such a gift: that gift of life – when one can’t live anymore but, keeps on giving. 

I was overcome with the love our donor must have had for his own family.

The love his family must have had for our donor. How our donor was a person, a real live person with a beating heart. Now beating inside my husband.  

and I was sad for this family.  This family that will always be in our hearts – for the rest of our lives.  

This family we will be forever connected to. 

and I was sad for my own family for all we have endured. . . for all we will endure. 

I was overcome with the love it took for my fisherman husband to accept such a gift.  This gift of life. 

and I thanked the Fisherman, and told him he was truly my Superman 

and I gave thanks to God for all: the fear,  the worry, the stress,  all that is yet to come,  my husband, the gift of more time, this incredible gift of life.  

This gift of love.  

and then the miracle came. 

He knew who I was 

I held it all in . . . until I reached that last door, and I sobbed before my shaking hand could reach the door knob.


1001 Gifts

262.) I’m grateful for all the family I had around me that day . . . all our children, my mother, my sister, Mark’s mother, his sisters and of course David.

263.) the amazing care he received by his nurses in ICU

264.) the amazing care I recieved by his nurses in ICU

265.) the gift of time

266.) forever the gift of life

267.) the Mason house

268.) the people, so many people that simply care . . . more then we could have ever imagined

Love, the Fisherman’s wife 

The Other Day

The other day she told me she was bored. 

Kathryn flowered head band 1968


So I said, “Do you know what would be totally cool to do?”  She said, “What?” and I said,  “take pictures“. 

and then I feel in love with this one


1.) I am grateful I have this daughter.  She is perfect for me.

2.) I am grateful for quite afternoons and a summer breeze.

3.) I am grateful for a fun day at the park with friends.

 Our World Tuesday  Wednesday Around the World



She listens to the Frozen sound track everyday.

Frozen 2

I know all the words to all the songs.

Frozen 1

 Oh! Yeah!

1.) I”m so very grateful Stephen went with me yesterday while I did all my running around.  I had him all alone – all afternoon. . . no phones, no computers, no interruptions. It was wonderful!

2.) I’m grateful the kids are in the kitchen baking. I love to listen to the slow whir  of the kitchen  aid, the chatter of teenagers and the smell chocolate coming from the kitchen. 

3.) and last but not least today, I am grateful I have a seven year old girl and I know all the words to the Frozen CD.


When I grow up. . .

When I grow up I want to be one of those people who live in the moment.  One of those people who are not afraid other people will see:  I have dirty dishes in the sink,  nicks in my cabinets and the walls .  . . gee let’s not talk about the walls.

Strawberries in black and whitemy life is messy 


But really . . . It’s all perspective.  

1.) I am thankful my oldest son is home for the summer. And even though it looks like a bomb went off in my house again. . . I’m thankful we have spent the morning talking

2.) I love listening to a soft rain early in the morning – especially when I don’t have to go anywhere. 

3.) Honestly, I just love rainy days. 

4.) I am thankful Kathryn is cleaning the kitchen and I didn’t even ask her to.  My girl is growing up. 

5.) I am thankful that even though my son’s are now smarter then I am, they still think I know what what they talking about. 

6.) I am grateful for loving messages from my much loved Auntie . . . she is such an encouragement to me. 


Have a beautiful day y’all! 


Little Things Thursday



so very grateful!

Today is the first day of Lent. I’m playing this beautiful Lenten game a friend made up. One of the things I have to do is keep a running list of 10 things I’m grateful for daily, for 40 days. It seems to be an easy task. We will see. As I do with many of my thoughts and treasures I think I’ll keep my list here. And, since I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks I want to post a photo daily with that list.

If you want to join us please do. Denise and I would love it!

Day 1:


1.) I am grateful for this game! I’m so excited about it.

2.) I am grateful for the WONDERFUL  Doctors my husband has.

3.) I am grateful  my son Stephen is able to follow his heart and go on the  mission trip  he wanted to go on. He has such a servers heart.

4.)   I am grateful that my son Matthew calls us everyday to check in when he is 1000 miles away from home at college

5.) I am grateful for the school Matthew gets to go to and the education he is receiving.

6.) I am grateful my husband has work today.  It is his hands that feed us and keep us going.

7.) I am grateful for Kathryn and the help she gives me daily. She is such a blessing to me.

8.) I am grateful for my youngest daughter and her beautiful smile. She brings so much joy to so many people.

9.) I am grateful for my beautiful mother. The ear that she lends me often and her oh so generous heart. I hate to think of how things would be without her.

10.) I am grateful for that first cup of  cup of coffee in the morning.  Oh! How I love it so!

Please join us! Link back to me and share.


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