Him & Me

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit. “

Desiderius Erasmus – Dutch PhilosopherForest for Lightroom

Some days I block myself from seeing, and then there are those days I want to hold on to it all.  A year ago seems so long ago; like an old pair of shoes cast away and forgotten.

We are moving on with this living thing, and I forget at times to record my blessings. . .  to visit this blog. I find myself counting and writing lazily only in my head.

Sometimes, I try to forget what has happened but then, I count the number of times a brother calls him Lazarus, see the many scares on his chest, count the pills taken in the pill box, mark the days until we travel again to check and recheck the blood work, biopsies, a little cold here and there. . . wash your hands, stay healthy, go to work, move on to the next thing. . . we have to get organized I say.

He says we have to live a little.

mountains Ceaser head

We take off to the mountains. . . leaving it all for another day.

I tell myself, “Count your blessing today, and not just in your head this time,

 I cannot forget to love more, live more.

and I watch him closely and I’m in awe sometimes when I see patience on that face, with a hint of his father’s dimple, that face of this man I love.


1001 Gifts

486.) dishwasher turning

487.) laughing and talking coming from another room

488.) laundry to fold – I can’t forget this one pilled high

489.) working hands

490.) good reports of a healthy heart

491.) birthdays coming

492.) boys running all over the homestead – playing, having fun

493.) soft summer breezes

494.) brothers taking off together

495.) hard summer rains.

headed back

We are headed back to the Mason house and Emory tonight for another biopsy and more early morning testing. 

Always checking for rejection will become part of our lives. . . has become part of our lives. 

And we’re grateful for the ride to Atlanta – this time together – holding our breath for another “O”


This also means, I wont be able to write to you until at least the end of the week.  

And then I’ll tell you more about the time my Fisherman husband had a heart transplant and we held our breath for more then three years

Love, Lisa 


1001 gifts

269.) unexpected hugs from nephews

270.) pounding sound of pouring rain

271.) the daughter happy to see me after a spend the night bonfire

272.) beautiful messages of love from family and friends

273.) a surprise hug from a sister in law

274.) calls checking on us from our  son’s friend. . . I can’t believe this young man loves us so much

275.) an accidental bump in conversation with my husband Cardiologist – he was just delighted to hear our news

August 30, 2014

I know, it’s been a long time. . .   a lot has happened since I wrote to you last. 

Long story short for tonight: 

heart b

My fisherman husband had a heart transplant August 30th. 

We couldn’t believe it!

In fact, I was still waiting for the doctors over at Emory to put him on the transplant  list, and before we knew it – the fisherman was not only listed, he was in surgery – 


and I couldn’t believe it was real

and I held my breath until it was over 


in fact . . . I’m encouraged by our doctors to keep holding my breath

so I do. 


There is so much to tell you . . . but, you know the rules of blogging. 

1.) When there is time to post, there is nothing to say. 2.) when there is everything to say, there is no time to post.

For now, I know you will forgive me when I say:   I just wanted to give you an update on how he was . . . on how he is. 

and the word is 

He IS Good! 

Thank God! 


1001 Gifts:

257.) for now and forever I’ll always be grateful to our donor family. What courage they have. We will pray for them forever.

258.) the many loving friends I have met along this journey

259.) the love we have been embraced with these past few months

258.) our kids . . . oh my goodness – they are amazing

259.) my friend who flew our oldest son home to be at the hospital with us the day of the transplant – oh! my goodness – ” this simple act” as she says, it still brings me to tears.

260.) of course my mother . . . always my mother  & my sister who came rushing to be at my side to wait

261.) my friend, my neighbor, my BFF came rushing too . . . the love was is simply amazing

Much love to you, Lisa 

our lesson is patience . . .

So apparently  heart transplants are pretty involved and being on a heart transplant listing is a tricky business. You don’t just walk up to a counter and say, “I’ll take one strong heart please.”  even if it very apparent that the heart you are using is failing. 

whtie flower pool background

So here is the news for today. The Fisherman’s “numbers are up”, and he can breath. What does that mean? That means his blood count is up, and his lungs are not retaining as much fluid today.  He is breathing better. . .  today. And it’s always a good day when you can breath better.

Does that mean he is getting better today?


No it doesn’t  but, it is a good day when one can breath. 

Now we wait some more, and the business of heart transplants becomes a lesson in patience.  

 and I hope and I pray we studied enough and we pass.



1001 gifts

249.) the warm, and delicious dinner my sister sent our way tonight – she even thought of dessert

250.) the late night coffee with my BFF – yeah

251.) hearing strength in my husbands voice today. . . that should count as about 100 gifts

252.) text messages of “how are you mom?” from my sons as they hold down their end of our fort

253.) the response of much smarter people then I am who want to help, and know what to do

254.) so many loving messages of love and strength from so many loving people

255.) sleeping with my very own pillow

256.) bedtime stories from my 8 year old