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I read this today:  “There is no other day. All days are present now. This moment contains all moments.”
C.S. Lewis

Kelly 6 logo and a year ago I was waiting for word of what was to come for the rest of our lives. I was getting affairs in order just in case my fisherman didn’t make it.

Just in case. . .

we had to be ready,

just in case.

I remember he asked, “are you ready for this?” . . . and I said with fake confidence, I would be.

and this past year has brought many joyful times, and I counted my blessings everyday but, didn’t have much time to share.

and then a nephew got married, and I got to photograph the joyful bride.

and I danced with my greatest love at this wedding –  never forgetting we are living on borrowed time while someone else’s heart beats in his chest.

Today,  this quote struck me and I thought of how true it is . . . there is no other time then the present – this day contains everything.


472.) quick hellos

473.) family gathering for celebrations

474.) hugs from old friends

475.) dances with the ones you love

476.) happy glances

477.) lipstick

478.) dinners with special aunts

479.) smiles and eyes I remember so well

480.) a loving touch

481.) laughter

482.) work for ideal hands

483.) safe trips back home

484.) doctors watching carefully

485.) the fun of false eyelashes