Almost there. . .

One more paper to write – three more tests to take, and I’m done. . . until January.

It has been such a busy semester for me: homeschooling my kids, teaching a weekly 2nd grade religion class, keeping up with everyone in the house, sort of keeping up with: house work, the laundry, the dishes, playing secretary to Mark’s business, and getting my school work done.

Yes! It’s been a busy semester for me.

Pilgrims and Indians

Oh! Yeah! I almost forgot the fun part.

My friend and I co-taught a 7 week Pilgrims of Plimoth class. It was so much fun. The girls had their Thanksgiving feast last weekend. 


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a little princes party

This girl of mine. . .  the girl that never wants to wear a dress because it’s to hard to sit down in. . . had a little princess party the other night. 

Princess Liz

Well really, this  was  an idea I had for a fun photo shot , and we turned it into a princess party.

three girls

We loaded up the car with: our besties, crowns, dresses and ponies and  headed to where the light was golden. 

Liz spinning

We had such a blast dressing up, spinning and shooting in that beautiful light. 

for leah

It was a night fit for a queen . . . and a beautiful dress. 

three girls

They never once whined it’s to hot for this. Or I want to wear that dress and not this one.  The only complaint I had was,   ” It’s over???? But??? Why???”  


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I heart Summer. . .

Leah throwing a balloon

Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to people. For those few months you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are. The fresh cut grass smell in the air & the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool, gives you courage you didn’t think you had. Summer just opens the door and lets you free.  ~ Anonymous 


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teaching in her Silence

I have told you before about my friends little girl  Leah.  She has Apraxia of Speech.  

Leah making breakfast

  So, she doesn’t speak. 

Talking to Liz

 Needless to say, when Leah comes to play at our house – the house  is quite. 

Making breakfast

One of the many things that strike me about Leah is how she loves.  

She simply just LOVES – the way a person should. 


When I heard this quote yesterday by Blessed Mother Teresa . . . I couldn’t help but think of four year Leah  – Who teaches me so much in her silence. 

Leah looking at Liz

 “The fruit of Silence is prayer. The fruit of Prayer is faith. The fruit of Faith is love. The fruit of Love is service. The fruit of Service is peace.”  

 -Mother Teresa

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