my son the almost Doctor

Nature does nothing in vain. Therefore, it is imperative for persons to act in accordance with their nature and develop their latent talents, in order to be content and complete.

                                                                                                                    ― Aristotle

I’ve kind of left my blog behind.  I’m gonna be honest though, I write on it all the time in my head.  I miss the words on screen.  I miss the gift counting for real. 

Here’s happy news. 

The philosopher is close to being an almost doctor.  Truth be told: he has wanted this higher education since he realized it was a thing.   He was 12 years old. He has always been a deep thinker, deep reader, searching for more.  I feel like if we didn’t fall into homeschooling, this kid would have been an atheist.  And because we knew little – we would have been okay with that.  But, he isn’t. He is Catholic strong.  He knows his faith. He lives his faith with that brown eyed girl by his side. They both work hard to make it all come true.  My heart grows when I think of it. 


He wants to teach in Catholic colleges to seminarians. . . Ethics and Philosophy. They say the Church is going to hell.  I say, there is hope.  The sons & daughters of the church are rising up.  I see them. I know more of them like him: his brother, his sister, his friends. . . that brown-eyed girl.   The list is long. 

The next thing, at the end of summer he’s off to CUA to study that doctorate.   The first 100 times he said it, I ask him what CUA stood for and he would smile and say, “Catholic University of America, Mom.”  

and I smile big because – I’m his mom. 


He blows us away.



fourth of July with family and friends

warm banana bread I can eat

babies reaching

little love jealous when she see arms full of another little love

my morning snapchats of sweet blue eyes

watermelon turtles

summer breezes

phone calls of friends “just checking in”

happy to see me

aunt and cousins down to visit

kicking off the birthday week with cake

a first-time taste of Brandy.

he reaches out when I walk by




the lens. . .

I have told you before I am taking this online photography class.  


I love it!!

I just love it! 

It’s making me step out of my comfort zone and that’s really what I need. 

So this is what I have been doing.


I’m taking photos of everything.

I even pulled out the new to me lens I bought last Christmas.  I bought it because: first of all, it was a good e-bay deal and second of all, I figured it was exactly what I needed to make me a better photographer.

AND when I got it. . .

to add

 I learn it was self focus. . . so I put it in my bag, and that is where it stayed  until I asked Teacher Lisa what the heck I should do with the thing.

She said, “USE IT!!!” 

new butter fly

So after 8 months of  dreading using this lens and thinking I really should sell it  . . .  I put  it back on my camera and gave it another try. 

and you know what? 

It turned out okay. 


It still intimidates me, and there are more times that I would like when my photos come out blurry.   

There is so much I’m not really sure of but, I’m working on it.   


Butter fly

I like what see. 


 The Long Road to ChinaPhoto Story Friday/Friday Photo Journal

the rule of thirds

In the photography class I’m taking this week we are  doing a series on summer.  I want to challenge myself and take at least one photo a day of something that says summer to me this week. 

gardenia 2

Gardenias do it for me all the time.  

gardenia 3

The flower of June.

The flowers I held when I got married. 

The flowers that remind me of my grandmother.  

table and gardenias

So, do  you wanna know what I have learned so far?  

table and gardenias crpped

To remember the rule of thirds.

For some reason I keep forgetting that one. 


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