so very grateful!

Today is the first day of Lent. I’m playing this beautiful Lenten game a friend made up. One of the things I have to do is keep a running list of 10 things I’m grateful for daily, for 40 days. It seems to be an easy task. We will see. As I do with many of my thoughts and treasures I think I’ll keep my list here. And, since I haven’t picked up my camera in weeks I want to post a photo daily with that list.

If you want to join us please do. Denise and I would love it!

Day 1:


1.) I am grateful for this game! I’m so excited about it.

2.) I am grateful for the WONDERFUL  Doctors my husband has.

3.) I am grateful  my son Stephen is able to follow his heart and go on the  mission trip  he wanted to go on. He has such a servers heart.

4.)   I am grateful that my son Matthew calls us everyday to check in when he is 1000 miles away from home at college

5.) I am grateful for the school Matthew gets to go to and the education he is receiving.

6.) I am grateful my husband has work today.  It is his hands that feed us and keep us going.

7.) I am grateful for Kathryn and the help she gives me daily. She is such a blessing to me.

8.) I am grateful for my youngest daughter and her beautiful smile. She brings so much joy to so many people.

9.) I am grateful for my beautiful mother. The ear that she lends me often and her oh so generous heart. I hate to think of how things would be without her.

10.) I am grateful for that first cup of  cup of coffee in the morning.  Oh! How I love it so!

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