Almost there. . .

One more paper to write – three more tests to take, and I’m done. . . until January.

It has been such a busy semester for me: homeschooling my kids, teaching a weekly 2nd grade religion class, keeping up with everyone in the house, sort of keeping up with: house work, the laundry, the dishes, playing secretary to Mark’s business, and getting my school work done.

Yes! It’s been a busy semester for me.

Pilgrims and Indians

Oh! Yeah! I almost forgot the fun part.

My friend and I co-taught a 7 week Pilgrims of Plimoth class. It was so much fun. The girls had their Thanksgiving feast last weekend. 


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a little princes party

This girl of mine. . .  the girl that never wants to wear a dress because it’s to hard to sit down in. . . had a little princess party the other night. 

Princess Liz

Well really, this  was  an idea I had for a fun photo shot , and we turned it into a princess party.

three girls

We loaded up the car with: our besties, crowns, dresses and ponies and  headed to where the light was golden. 

Liz spinning

We had such a blast dressing up, spinning and shooting in that beautiful light. 

for leah

It was a night fit for a queen . . . and a beautiful dress. 

three girls

They never once whined it’s to hot for this. Or I want to wear that dress and not this one.  The only complaint I had was,   ” It’s over???? But??? Why???”  


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