find magic

” You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book.”                                            

 Dr. Seuss              


This one. . . if it’s not dancing . . . it’s reading.     

No  complaints from me. 



Cousins traveling . . . dropping into Graceland. . . making us feel so special

sitting with family around the big table @ the best Nana’s

seeing girls grow closer

messages of love to me from her BFF

kids on fire for the Holy Spirit

courage from the girl who loves music . . . talking to youth about the past 8 months & how you prayed & He answered

that man with the big laugh keeping close tabs

early morning rising . . . getting things done

birds singing their good morning song

empty laundry basket . . . could I really be caught up?  counting it anyway

calls from the Philosopher . . . working so hard two states away

the joy I see from her preparing for “the big dance” @ the Peace Center of all places

watching them turning dreams into truths

a marinette priestly ordination – oh, if you ever get the chance you must go . . . such beauty

a conversation with a stranger turned friend

a texted sent to the wrong person turned into blessings


the whole picture

I  think I have fallen off my photo groove. I haven’t picked up my camera in so long I’m afraid I  have forgotten how to use it. Every time I take a shot I see so much wrong with the picture.  My settings seem to be off every time. 

 It’s to dark

It’s to bright 

I miss my mark

My mind is going in a 1000 different directions 

matthew by the lake B

It’s true, these past years have been hard on us, and there is no denying there are more hard times to come. I hold my breath, and clinch my teeth when I think about it. 


But  then I stop, take a deep breath and look at the whole picture. . . It’s been the best year of our lives.  So much has happened that makes everything so right.  All those things that have happened – all those things that will happen – that may happen –  just don’t seem to matter to us as much today.  This is our life. It’s not picture perfect. It’s messy.  It’s ours. 

Our son the philosopher came home last week.


It was a very good week.

We took a day to go apple picking . . . all of us together.

We lived a little,

and didn’t worry about a thing.

When we got to the apple farm we didn’t find  apples on the trees.

They were already in the bins . . . all ready picked. 


We didn’t care  . . . 

We were together, 

and all of us knew it. 

We were together laughing,  having fun, being a family 


We took one of those bad family photos were everyone is not ready . 

But, again . . . that perfect picture just was not important. 

We enjoyed the day.

We enjoyed each other.

And as fitting as it was for us 

apple blossoms

we found apple blossoms

in late October. 

The girl who loves everyone said . . . “it was the best day ever”.

 and it was


The philosopher went back to school yesterday Matthew by the lake

I already miss him. 


the Fisherman and I are headed back to Atlanta 

for more testing. 


The girl who loves everyone said, “Already? You have to go back to Atlanta already?

and the girl who loves music said . . . “It’s okay. Mom and Dad have to do this to help get Dad healthy again.  We will have fun together. “

Kathryn Liz Hendersonville October 2014 apple picking

and they will 


I continue to count my blessings thanking God always

1001 gifts:

283.) the sound of tennis shoes in the dryer tumbling, tumbling, tumbling

284.) talks with the best Nana by the fire

285.) surprise visits

286.) the cards, letters and prayers

287.) girls laughing

288.) loving touches

289.) amazing skies in October

heart to heart

She says she like this shirt because of the heart. It reminds her of her dad and his new heart.  She tells me when he is feeling better they are going to “do lots of fun stuff together” and she can’t wait. 


Liz in the grass signed


I think of things all the time now I would like to say to our donor and his family.  Sometimes “Thank you”  just does not seem to be enough.  And then, I listen to her plans, and I think: Sometimes there are just no words 

and a simple thank you is all I have.  

St. John Paul said, “the mouth speaks to the ears, but the heart – speaks to the heart.  

I continue to count my blessings thanking God always and marveling how the ‘Eucharisteo  always precedes the miracle.’


1001 gifts:

276.) the slow walk I took with my fisherman husband: cool winds blowing, legs pumping, hearts beating

277.) the philosophers home

278.) everyone sleeping under the same roof again

279.) Steviewonder working so hard on everything

280.) the prayers – thank God for the prayers!

281.) quite mornings at home

282.) coffee out of a glass coffee cup

Little Things Thursday


I totally can’t get enough of these freckles on this girl. . .

Liz with Freckles

or those dancing eyes. 


1001 Gifts

226.) catching a glimpse of the past in the very young neighbor boys as the two brothers huddled around a treasure found in green grass. . . brought back memories of  my two from not so long ago

227.) the sunset last night. . . red orange sky sinking into deep blue clouds

228.) a day off from daily responsibilities outside of the house

229.) work for my fisherman husband who wears a plumbers hat most of the time

230.) Sundays – day of rest and time to soak up the sun

Playing along with: The Good The Random The Fun / Our Wold Tuesday

I is. . .

I was waiting to get my hair done the other day:  feeling rushed, overwhelmed and impatient. Thinking I really didn’t have time for this – pretending everything was okay.  I had a list of things to do and I had to get back to do them. 

It’s my turn – I get into her chair . . . 

 that’s where I saw it

on her mirror  – words written  in chicken scratch, on notebook paper –  quickly ripped out and frayed – taped to her mirror.    When she walked away I leaned in closer to read them. 

looking over the pop

You is smart. . . 

You is beautiful. . . 

You is important. 

That’s what it said. 

Words that stopped me in my tracks. 

Stopped me to think. To remind me . . .” I is important”  . . . and all those things could wait. 

So I sighed a sigh of relief:  sat back, memorized the words, 

and I wonder why we as woman forget that sometimes.  


1001 gifts

205.) everyone tucked safely. . .  soundly  in for the night

206.) daily bread we are given each day

207.) rain pounding as I lay safe in bed

208.) my fisherman husband extending his hand for me to hold

209.) my son the philosopher and the other son with the big body, big heart, big dreams – helping – always helping their dad

210.) new friends for the girl who loves everyone

Wednesday Around the World /  Little things Thursday

a Magical time . . .

So, last week the best Nana EVER says: “What are you and the girls doing September 12th through the 16th?”  


and I said. . . “I don’t know.” 

Kathryn and Liz resizededited

and she says:

Liz and her princes hat

 “We are flying to Florida. I want to take Mary Elizabeth to Disney. She has never been, and she needs to go. “ 


and I said: “Wait?


Kathryn on the horse

“and Kathryn is coming too”. . . she says. 

Mom and the girls

 So we all took off and flew to Florida. 


 and went to France 


and then London. 

mom and elizabeth

No! Wait??? 

I mean,  “the Magic Kingdom”. 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

Dog Years

While I was cleaning up today, I caught these two  sitting there looking out the window at the life on the street. 

Liz and Natasha looking out the window

Natasha ((the dog ) is 11 years old in human years.  That 77 in dog years.  To look at her white fur you think she is just a pup. 


But, in all reality she is slowing down. She looks out the window these days more then she wants to go outside side to play.  Today through my lens I see the age on her.

It made me a little sad to realize just how very old she is. 


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a little princes party

This girl of mine. . .  the girl that never wants to wear a dress because it’s to hard to sit down in. . . had a little princess party the other night. 

Princess Liz

Well really, this  was  an idea I had for a fun photo shot , and we turned it into a princess party.

three girls

We loaded up the car with: our besties, crowns, dresses and ponies and  headed to where the light was golden. 

Liz spinning

We had such a blast dressing up, spinning and shooting in that beautiful light. 

for leah

It was a night fit for a queen . . . and a beautiful dress. 

three girls

They never once whined it’s to hot for this. Or I want to wear that dress and not this one.  The only complaint I had was,   ” It’s over???? But??? Why???”  


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