this girl . .

I took these photos of this girl last summer.  I think it was the beginning of August or end of July. I didn’t share them with you because, well. . . if you have been reading this blog you will know things got a little hectic here.

Kathryn, suite cases and dress signed 3

I’m sharing them now because, this girls on my mind lately. She wants to get her drivers license soon. I told her she could. I told her after the past four months she has shown a lot a maturity. I told her I think she has shown she deserves to get her license, and I’m almost comfortable giving her the keys.

Kathryn, suite cases and dress signed

and then one cold, rainy night this week as I was driving her to meet friends, we were sharing things daughters share with their mothers when they are trapped in the car alone. . she says . . . ” Mom, won’t you be glad when you don’t have to drive me everywhere?”  

in my peach dress b

“No.”  I said, “actually  . . . I’m really going to miss this.” and I will 

So once again, as it was with my boys . . . I find – I don’t know what to wish for when she tries for that license. 


1001 gifts

301.) organ donation. . . a dear friend’s husband is receiving the gift of life as I type- she and her husband are heavy on my mind

302.) letters from the heart

303.) calls from the tall one as he drives here or there just checking on his mom

304.) hearts beating on hearts

305.) whispers of love

306.) meals that warm us

307.) heads on shoulders

308.) walking into a clean kitchen

309.) large boots to protect hurt ankles

310.) bed time stories

311.) family movie night

312.) my silver book of gifts

313.) seeing the truth even when it’s not what I want

314.) early morning sunlight streaming in

315.) hot coffee

316.) my fisherman building up strength

317.) family together at Mass

318.) listening to future dreams

319.) slowly making plans for the future again

320.) chilly walks with the fisherman & our youngest – hand in hand, talking, walking, and sometimes just silent . . .

cup o joe

I woke early this morning ready to start the new day, and then. . .  Coffe cup AI discovered I was out of coffee.  

Instead of crying and going back to bed –

I was brave, 

and drove my cup to Dunkin Donuts.


1001 Gifts

201.)  blooming Hydrangeas.

202.) dragon fly landing in the light . . . even though I couldn’t capture it on camera, it was beautiful.

203.) spontaneous picnic in the park with Kathryn yesterday. . . wind blowing keeping us cool – music played softly on the phone – shade under trees just right.

204.) my fisherman husband always trying his best

 Our World Tuesday


the Boxcar Children

Nothing warms a mother’s heart more then walking into a room and seeing her seven year old engrossed in a book. 

Reading her book 1

and if you’re the one that taught her to read those words in that book . . . your heart just sings. 

  Yay! for “the Boxcar Children”   She can’t put these books  down. 


1.) I am grateful she has a love for reading.

2.) I am grateful I was the one  to teach her to read.  If you know me, you would know how much I struggled with reading when I was a kid. It was so hard for me.  I struggled, struggled, and struggled some more,  AND now. . .  to be the teacher  IT just feels so good.

3.) I am grateful we found a series of classic books she loves.




Here is something you didn’t know:


Here is something you didn’t know about me:

I have a tendency to take on to much.

I know it seems I kind of dropped off the face of the earth lately.

Liz in her straw hatIn the middle of Lent I stopped posting.

I tried to keep the journal going  but, my school work started to suffer. I had piles of laundry in the hall, the dishes multiplying, the kids needing me every time I tried to sit down, and my desk . . . well lets just not talk about that.         Look the other way I say!

I just had to give up something.

The only logical thing to do was to stay off line for while and catch up.  Now, I have one more week of classes; there are three more papers write, two more videos to sign, and two exams to take.

AND then

 I’m done  for the summer.

I’ll be back to playing with my friends, visiting and posting, cleaning and most of all photographing.

I miss my bloggy friends. I miss my camera.

So friends forgive me.  I know I dropped the ball and all but, I’ll pick it back up soon and then we’ll play.

xoxo, Lisa


Lent Day 17

It’s the second Friday of Lent and I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

I’m stunned by the private emails I have gotten from strangers telling me how much they are encouraged by our 40 days of gratitude.  Even though finding 10  things each day I am grateful for hasn’t been that hard,  getting it all down with a photograph and then putting it all on the blog  hasn’t been easy at all.   But, I can say my encouragement to keep doing it everyday comes from you guys and the love that has grown here.  It’s funny that in my first post I wrote introducing our Lent Journey  I thought this would be an easy task. I  always tell my kids “if it’s easy I must be doing it wrong“. 

This rings true for me time and time again.

In all the ways I wanted to improve during this Lent time I keep slipping and sliding backwards – it’s like that pile of laundry waiting to be folded in the hall.  I just don’t want to fold the clothes. I would so much rather be here. . . playing with my photos and working towards being a photographer when I grow up. But, together we are working towards being stronger by putting things in perspective and focusing on what really matters.

Me in Black and white

 “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29

  When I think of that – what matters more then this passage today?  I think it fits us this Lenten Friday.  It’s so powerful.

1.) I am grateful my husband was able to work today. It has been a long week of sorting things out because of last week. The life of the self employed is not an easy one.

2.) I am grateful we finally have the car thing settle. It’s been such an ordeal. We are ready to put it all behind us.

3.) I am grateful Kathryn and I got to spend time alone together last night.

4.) I am grateful her eye looks better and better each day.

5.) I am grateful for staying home today. It has been along week.

6.) I am grateful to have Mark to talk to and sort things out in my mind.

7.) I am grateful to have had help folding that big pile of laundry in the hall.

8.) I am very pleased Patrick is doing so well now. He has had a ruff road.

9.) I am grateful when my kids have troubles in there lives they come to me.

10.) I am grateful I am not on this Lent Journey alone. Thank you so much for joining me.


Join us we in our link up for the 40 days of Lent and stay focused on the positive: You can do this with a list of: the things you are grateful for, a photograph that makes your heart sing or a post. Keep it positive and loving Let’s support each other as we walk through the 40 days of lent and life.  If you would spread the word that would be wonderful. Just link up, and leave my blog address somewhere in your post.  I don’t have a fancy button . . . yet but, you can copy and past right here: the Lent Journey 

Ready for the Sun

It has been so long since I posted last I forgot my password.  The reason: I have been sick. It seems this past month, I have caught everything there is to catch. It has been one thing right after another.


This morning I think I’m finally coming up for air.

Kathryn and Liz playing cards

So between me whining “I don’t feel good“, and the brutal cold – I’m ready to get out and feel the sunshine.

Who’s with me?

Today’s the day. . .

I am going back to college. I signed up to study American Sign Language.  Today is the day I start.  I’m a little nerves –  wondering if I can keep up with all I have to keep up with: my kids,  my husband, homeschooling, laundry, the house,  staying focused on my photography and study.

red shoes 2

 It’s going to be a busy year for us. 

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!” 
― Dr. SeussOh, the Places You’ll Go!


real life. . .

Today is my 22 wedding anniversary.  


Has it always been smooth sailing?


Some days I have thought the ship might sink. . .

but, you know what?

I’d marry him all over again in an instant.  He takes my breath away, and I simply believe in him.  

Smooth sailing is for wimps. I have  a real life to live.


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