July 30 with brighter textures

 “Curiouser and Curiouser!”   cried Alice

Alice and Wonderland

1001 Gifts:

231.) playing math games with Liz – she’s catching on so fast.

232.) breakfast surprise for me today

233.) photos my philosopher son  shared all day

234.) hugs and kisses on the forehead from my son – the one who towers over me

235.) Spell check – always spell check for this dyslexic girl.

236.) Work for Mark

237.) rainy days and I get to stay home (warm, dry and cozy – how I love these days.

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Texture by Kim Klassen


Just when. . .

Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, 

Black butterfly B


It became a butterfly. 

~ English Proverb


1001 Gifts

220.) early morning light peaking through the trees

221.) Stevie Wonder’s excitement and joy

222.) the girl who loves music working so hard on her studies

223.) laughter . . . always the laughter

224.) this endless list of simple gifts

225.) a full table last night. . . even though the philosopher is not here this week – his friends stop by to say hello, stay for dinner and talk about their lives

a few nature shots

I did something  the other day I have never done before. 



I left the kids at home and went out with a new photography  buddy to take a few nature shots.

the cut wood

 We talked and hiked and hiked and shot. 

another mushroom

Even though I’m not real thrilled with what came out of my camera 


The hike with a new friend, the time to regroup and just shooting anything that caught my eye –   couldn’t have been more fun. 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City