Faith. . .

Kathryn's album cover


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.


1.) I am grateful I can exercise.  It’s so good for my body and my mind – and there are so many people that just can’t do it at all.

2.) I’m grateful we have a refrigerator  full of food.  Even though I hear 100 times a day we don’t have anything to eat. . . We do.  We always so.

3.) I’m grateful for soothing music. . . sometimes it just hits the spot.

Little Things Thursday

like magic

I know I have told you I have been taking this photography class over at Lisa’s Long Road to China and back, right? 


Anyway, this week she wanted us to create a magical and mystical photo. 

Kathryn and the poisen apple edited

This project sent my mind racing. I didn’t know where I was going with it at all.

Until . . .

 I saw a dress I have had since I was 19 years old hanging in my closet.

This dress was beautiful then and it’s beautiful now. ((So it’s only like two years old. Okay?)) It’s one of those timeless dresses that you could just wear forever. It has two kinds of lace on it: an almost crocheted laced top, and the bottom is just lace. The kind of lace we know as lace.   It’s tea length, and puffy, and just wonderful.

That’s when it it hit me.

I’ll put my Kathryn in that dress with an apple and take her photograph. 

I’ll make the image magical some how. 

So,  I went shopping for the perfect piece of fruit,  convinced Kathryn she would love that old  nearly new dress. The dress I had before she was born. Dug out my red lipstick and again begged her to play with me. 

In the end she said,   “You know Mom? That was fun!” and I said. “Really?” and she said, “Really!” and I said “Yay!!!” 


1.) I a m thankful I get to take this online photography class. I love it so much! 

2.) I am thankful even though Kathryn did not want to play with me – she did AND she like it!  

3.) I am thankful we have air condition in this hot Southern climate.  


 Our World Tuesday Wednesday Around the World

Here I go. . .

I created a new watermark for my photos. 

Matthew working on his computer

Can you see it?

I have decided to open myself up to the possibilities of a photography business.  I’ve been working hard on this photo thing, and Lisa over at the Long Road to China has been encouraging me to go into business for myself.  

So, here goes nutten . . .

First step: Work hard to improve photos – Never Done

Second step: Logo – Done! Whoohoo! 

Third step: Work on a price list, and get myself out there.  Yikes! Not done. . .


1.) I’m grateful my photography teacher supports my decision for this new business adventure.  She could have said, “Umm, hold off on that okay.”

2.) I’m grateful everyone was home for dinner last night. I love it when all the kids are home and we are all gathered around our family table for a dinner I made. 

3.) I’m grateful the son in the picture above is such an amazing help to us.  He is working so hard on his studies, and always giving to his family.  I love that kid so much.  He makes this momma proud. 


Sunday In My City


“Focus on the eyes Lisa. . .”

This week I have been practicing focusing on the eyes. “Focus on the eyes Lisa.”  If teacher Lisa  said it once – she said it a thousand times.  


This photo is simple. It’s just me practicing.  It’s straight out of the camera. It was hard not to do anything to it as far as processing goes . But, I left it alone.

 Tip for the day. . . .Focus on the eyes. . . It does make a big difference. 


 Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

I think. . .

The other night I called this  guy and said,

Alex 2

“Would you PLEASE meet me at the best Nana’s house for some photos around 7 tonight? ” “You can bring anything you want – just come and play with me. ” 

the duel

He brought three things: His little brother, shields and swords.


 Once I got the shutter speed thing down, I couldn’t believe how much fun doing these shots were. 


The assignment this week is to get shots during the golden hour. 


 I love  everything about these photos: the colors , the settings, the swords, the boys . . . the golden hour.  I just love everything. 


I think these guys had fun.  I think they might play with me again sometime. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

Figuring things out. . .

Last week was a tough week for me when it comes to photography.   Remember, I told you I am taking this photography class.  


the assignment last week was anything  motion.  

sliding into the pool

 Sounds simple right?


I didn’t understand how to not only bump up my shutter speed . . . I didn’t know what shutter speed really meant.  I mean,  I understood shutter speed was the thing that opened and closed the lens but,  I couldn’t figure out how to get my camera there.  

I didn’t understand the exposure triangle and how together,  the Aperture, Shutter, and ISO balance each other out so the meter reads “0” or Even. 

It’s hard stuff! 


I really felt like I was underwater the whole week. 

the flip

I couldn’t focus on anything else but getting this exposure triangle thing down. When I finally came up for air –  teacher Lisa said ” Your focus is off here. ”  


Since I’m persistent and a really strong swimmer:  I kept on working it, and you know what?

 . . . I got it!  

I’ll show you some of those photos tomorrow. Now I have to  do the laundry, and let’s not talk about the dishes in the sink that have been piling up all week. 


52 Weeks of Happiness | Tuesday Around the World |  Our world Tuesday

this photography thing

The assignment this week is: Motion shots.  


When I told my kids what I had to do –  Stevie Wonder snapped into action for me.  

two hands

 I put my camera in S mode, set my ISO to 350 and went to work. 

Stephen Apparting

Then I confused myself,  and put my camera back into Manual mode.

After this shot I thought –   surly I need to slow down my shutter speed and not speed it up. 



steve in a tree


As hard as Stephen worked to give me what I needed, I not only cute off his feet, I  shot everything in the wrong speed.


Teacher Lisa said,  “Lisa, if you remember, I said when the class started:  “We should always shot in manual mode.” 

Oh! Yeah! Now, I remember.

Gee. This photography thing is really hard. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

a clear understanding

So you know I have been taking this photography class right? And I love it!  I love taking a photo everyday, and I love posting these photos.  I love the fact that I am now shooting all my photos in Raw.

6.20.13 Matthew

What does that mean? 

Well, I forget. 

But, it sounds like I know what I am doing so I like it. 

The only down side to shooting in Raw is ~ I have to run all my photos through Photoshop, and honestly, I  just don’t understand Photoshop. 

I have been using picMonkey to edit my photos for sometime now and I like it. 

It’s so easy. 

6.20.13 Matthew 2

I don’t understand Photoshop. . . .   Did I already say that? 

It’s so hard. 

But, I found this video that explains the basics of Photoshop and I watched it. 

I still don’t fully understand Photoshop.   But, the video helped.  I feel better about the whole thing.

Matthew at the childres

I think. 


 The Long Road to ChinaPhoto Story Friday/Friday Photo Journal /READY TO WALTZ Link party

especially her. . .

You know, I’m really loving the photography class I’m taking.  Not only is it getting me out to take  photos everyday –  I am  sharing  the photos I take with you guys. 

AND I love that. 

Kathryn - signed

The best thing that’s happening though is: I have homework.

kathryn-_2 edited

Even though it may sound a little crazy to be happy about homework, it’s not.  I have discovered my older kids want to help me with my homework. They are a little more eager to let  me play photographer.  

Kathryn - love it! 6.17.13

Especially her!

I have been trying to nail her down for photos for weeks, okay months. It just was not happening. I couldn’t get her to do it at all . . .until yesterday.  

Kathryn - line of grass edited

We had so much fun.  I love this class.  I  love this girl. 


52 Weeks of Happiness | Tuesday Around the World |  Our world Tuesday


a session with a wanna be photographer. . .

This week in my photography class I’m working on lines, patterns and posing. 

Kids by pool 1

So, I asked these three if they could give me a hand with my homework. 

Kids by pool 1_3

They were very eager to please me. 

Kids by pool 2 very cute smile 4_1

I wanted them to get in a line at the edge of the pool and fold their arms.

Simple Right? 

“Smile now.

Not to big.

Not to small.

Fold your arms

and lift yourself up.

You can do that right?  

Darn that didn’t work . . . there are to many shadows on your face.” 

Kids by pool 2 very cute best I think

“Let’s try it all over again over here.” 

“Oh! Now your squinting. 

Darn. . . Hmmmmm”


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