Just when. . .

Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, 

Black butterfly B


It became a butterfly. 

~ English Proverb


1001 Gifts

220.) early morning light peaking through the trees

221.) Stevie Wonder’s excitement and joy

222.) the girl who loves music working so hard on her studies

223.) laughter . . . always the laughter

224.) this endless list of simple gifts

225.) a full table last night. . . even though the philosopher is not here this week – his friends stop by to say hello, stay for dinner and talk about their lives

Off to save the World

I have been off line way to long.

I wonder  where should I start to share with you all again.

I think I’ll start with this very bad photo from my phone.

Stephen off to save the world

It’s a photo of Stevie Wonder as he heads out to save the world on his first Mission Trip to Guatemala.

My hearts busting with pride.

My heart is also sinking to think . . . he grew up so fast on me.


I sure hope and pray he will be safe.

He has always been the one to give that unexpected hug when you needed it most. . .

to give his last cookie if he thought you wanted it more . . .

to give his shirt off his back if he thought you were colder . . .

This 19 year old son of mine stands at 6’7″ and wears a size 16 shoe

all to carry around that big heart of his. . . my Stevie Wonder.

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!”
-St. Catherine


Fall Break. . .

Stevie Wonder is on his way to Atchison Kansas.  He is visiting his big brother at Benedictine College. Fall break at the school will never be the same.

stephen-19 wtexture

My little boys are growing up.  

Even though this realization is hard for a mother – I thank God I  believed in: waking a sleeping baby just to hold them,   carrying a little guy even when they could walk but did want to,  and  just plan old holding them close. 

Little things Thursday

may he never change

When I took him out for our photo shoot the other day, on one of the lots where we went had the beginnings of a house on it.  The framing was up on the house but, there were only a few  outside walls completed.

Stephen climbing in B&W

In good old Stephen fashion,  he climbed up the walls to the very top. This didn’t surprise me at all. In fact,  he has climbed up walls from the time he was just a little guy.   It makes me smile to see that my “Stevie Wonder” hasn’t changed.


Little things ThursdayReady to Waltz 

this photography thing

The assignment this week is: Motion shots.  


When I told my kids what I had to do –  Stevie Wonder snapped into action for me.  

two hands

 I put my camera in S mode, set my ISO to 350 and went to work. 

Stephen Apparting

Then I confused myself,  and put my camera back into Manual mode.

After this shot I thought –   surly I need to slow down my shutter speed and not speed it up. 



steve in a tree


As hard as Stephen worked to give me what I needed, I not only cute off his feet, I  shot everything in the wrong speed.


Teacher Lisa said,  “Lisa, if you remember, I said when the class started:  “We should always shot in manual mode.” 

Oh! Yeah! Now, I remember.

Gee. This photography thing is really hard. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

things I didn’t get to tell you. . .

So the past two and a half weeks . . . my computer was down.

Liz caught in the headlights

Yes! It’s true.

I totally missed blogging. It totally missed you guys. I didn’t get to tell you so much. I did get to tell you that we got “new to us” furniture. It all happened so fast.   I didn’t know I was getting all  new “to us” furniture – so how could you? 

It was like we moved out of our house, and then moved back in again.

It was crazy man!!! just crazy!

 Mark came home and said,”Hey, you know so and so . . . well they just bought all new furniture and have to move. These people said it was cheaper to buy all new furniture in their new town then ship what they have so . . .   ” Do you want it?” and of course I said:

Liz in the sun light



Then, last week because we have had so much rain, and he couldn’t get out. . .  Stevie Wonder painted our bedroom.  I actually bought the paint months ago but, we just couldn’t get to it. I came home from something the other day and there it was on my bedroom walls.  and of course . . . 

I love that too!  All these changes are just what I need. 

Profile of Lliz

Even though I have been busy with all this “new” stuff  – the worst thing about not being able to get on line was: I missed two and a half weeks of my photography class. I couldn’t post my photos at all. It was so hard to stay focused and work on them. 

I would go to the “best Nana’s”  house to get my assignments and then try my best to work on what I had to do. 

Tonight, because things are almost back to our crazy normal, and our new furniture and paint  is settled in – I am staying up late and playing catch up.

I wanted to show you my favorite photos from the past two weeks. We were working on light. 

Liz my favorite photo ever


 and the most important thing I didn’t get to tell you about. . . Guess who turned 7  Sunday?  Can you believe it??? She is SEVEN!


Little by Little / Ready to Waltz Party

Even Though . . .

You have to love this kid. This is son number two.  We call him Stevie Wonder. 

Stevie mike

He knows I’m working on my photography, and even though it was the last thing he wanted to do yesterday – he sat patiently for me while I photographed him.  . . over and over again.  

I worked on focusing on his eyes. Then I had trouble with the lighting. . . and then trouble with to many  shadows on his face.   It took forever. But, he sat for me.   Even though he said his hair was terrible,  and I knew he really, really didn’t want to do it. Some of the faces he made were down right funny.  This is typical of this son we call Stevie Wonder.  He has a heart of gold.

May he never changes. 


Little Things Thursday