Here I go. . .

I created a new watermark for my photos. 

Matthew working on his computer

Can you see it?

I have decided to open myself up to the possibilities of a photography business.  I’ve been working hard on this photo thing, and Lisa over at the Long Road to China has been encouraging me to go into business for myself.  

So, here goes nutten . . .

First step: Work hard to improve photos – Never Done

Second step: Logo – Done! Whoohoo! 

Third step: Work on a price list, and get myself out there.  Yikes! Not done. . .


1.) I’m grateful my photography teacher supports my decision for this new business adventure.  She could have said, “Umm, hold off on that okay.”

2.) I’m grateful everyone was home for dinner last night. I love it when all the kids are home and we are all gathered around our family table for a dinner I made. 

3.) I’m grateful the son in the picture above is such an amazing help to us.  He is working so hard on his studies, and always giving to his family.  I love that kid so much.  He makes this momma proud. 


Sunday In My City