Hey Stephen. . . will you play with me?

Finally I got this kid out to take his photograph.  

For class 1

He didn’t want to do it. He fought me over it like crazy. I promised him he didn’t have to smile.

Nice one! for the class

Just stand there and be gorgeous,” I said.   

Looking at tractor 2

You don’t even have to look at me. 

Stephen under the hood

“You will love looking at the equipment. You can check out the engines and see if everything is the way it should be.”  I told him. 

You will love it! I promised 

Stephen looking Good

So, Hey Stephen! What do you say???  Will you play with me? 


Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift

Song-Ography  Sunday Snapshot |  Sunday in my City

this photography thing

The assignment this week is: Motion shots.  


When I told my kids what I had to do –  Stevie Wonder snapped into action for me.  

two hands

 I put my camera in S mode, set my ISO to 350 and went to work. 

Stephen Apparting

Then I confused myself,  and put my camera back into Manual mode.

After this shot I thought –   surly I need to slow down my shutter speed and not speed it up. 



steve in a tree


As hard as Stephen worked to give me what I needed, I not only cute off his feet, I  shot everything in the wrong speed.


Teacher Lisa said,  “Lisa, if you remember, I said when the class started:  “We should always shot in manual mode.” 

Oh! Yeah! Now, I remember.

Gee. This photography thing is really hard. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

the lens. . .

I have told you before I am taking this online photography class.  


I love it!!

I just love it! 

It’s making me step out of my comfort zone and that’s really what I need. 

So this is what I have been doing.


I’m taking photos of everything.

I even pulled out the new to me lens I bought last Christmas.  I bought it because: first of all, it was a good e-bay deal and second of all, I figured it was exactly what I needed to make me a better photographer.

AND when I got it. . .

to add

 I learn it was self focus. . . so I put it in my bag, and that is where it stayed  until I asked Teacher Lisa what the heck I should do with the thing.

She said, “USE IT!!!” 

new butter fly

So after 8 months of  dreading using this lens and thinking I really should sell it  . . .  I put  it back on my camera and gave it another try. 

and you know what? 

It turned out okay. 


It still intimidates me, and there are more times that I would like when my photos come out blurry.   

There is so much I’m not really sure of but, I’m working on it.   


Butter fly

I like what see. 


 The Long Road to ChinaPhoto Story Friday/Friday Photo Journal

a little intimidated

I started taking a photography class online this week. To be totally honest. . . I find the whole thing kind of intimidating.     I mean, I have never had anyone really critique my photos before.  




The assignment for the week is summer.  It’s wide open.  

eyes 2

My first thought for this homework was to take lots of shots of the kids at the pool. After all, what says summer more then a pool? But then, a South Carolina thundershower came out of nowhere,  and these are what I ended up submitting for the day. 

After all – What says South Carolina Summers more then a thundershower coming out of nowhere? 

liz wet with puppy


I gotta tell ya. I see some really nice photos from these ladies in this class and I’m feeling a little like these two look.  


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