Is there such a thing as Extravagant Love? 

A love that you spend everything you have on.  A love that takes a life time to build.  A love that you give over the top for. 

I believe LOVE can be Extravagant and Extraordinary and Beautiful all at the same time. 

I cannot let this day go by with out telling you: Today, April 18th,  would have been our parents 58th wedding anniversary.  I can also tell you,  our father would have celebrated this day with his wife extravagantly. Not because he was a show off. No, he was never a show off. He knew he could never buy her love. He wanted to show just how VERY much he loved. 

He would have celebrated this day extraordinarily and freely by giving the love he had for her extravagantly. . . like, only he could. He would have lavished our mother with great gifts, fine dinning and only the best he could offer. He would do this because of the love my parents shared, and, I believe, still share for each other was IS a GREAT love. 

An Extravagant, Extraordinary Love

16 thoughts on “Extravagant Love

  1. Beautiful. I love reading about people who love like this. 🙂 My parents just visited my grand-uncle and my grand-aunt who are both in their 90's and they came back telling me how sweet they are with each other and how he still teases her. I've seen them together and she still looks at him probably the way she used to when they were when they were dating. So sweet. 🙂


  2. They sound like an amazing couple, and what a beautiful picture to have – you can see the love radiate through it!Tamar – linking up w/ community global


  3. Oh my goodness, this choked me right up. What a beautiful tribute. I will be celebrating a ten year anniversary tomorrow, and I hope that I can love as extravagantly and beautifully as your parents have {and do}.


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