Zero is Best

Four days ago was the fisherman third birthday since the transplant. Yesterday we traveled for his second annual health check. 

For three nights we have celebrated this birthday week with meals fit for a king.


and then great news comes back from transplant today . . . with rejection at 0.  


This is the only time in your life you want to be zero. 

On this side of the transplant life. . .  Zero is good.

Zero is best 

Zero is our hero 


Hurray for Zeros! 

and then I had time for a Happy Fall Y’all photograph, and Henry plopped himself right down in it. 

 So here it is . . . Happy Fall Y’all

love, me . . .  & Henry 


birthdays to celebrate

a good school day with the youngest

dinner guests

excitement over the upcoming dance

changing weather

safe trips to and home again

great biopsy results

amazing breeze

running in soft rain

laughter in our house

homework being done

find magic

” You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book.”                                            

 Dr. Seuss              


This one. . . if it’s not dancing . . . it’s reading.     

No  complaints from me. 



Cousins traveling . . . dropping into Graceland. . . making us feel so special

sitting with family around the big table @ the best Nana’s

seeing girls grow closer

messages of love to me from her BFF

kids on fire for the Holy Spirit

courage from the girl who loves music . . . talking to youth about the past 8 months & how you prayed & He answered

that man with the big laugh keeping close tabs

early morning rising . . . getting things done

birds singing their good morning song

empty laundry basket . . . could I really be caught up?  counting it anyway

calls from the Philosopher . . . working so hard two states away

the joy I see from her preparing for “the big dance” @ the Peace Center of all places

watching them turning dreams into truths

a marinette priestly ordination – oh, if you ever get the chance you must go . . . such beauty

a conversation with a stranger turned friend

a texted sent to the wrong person turned into blessings


ordinary days


This ordinary day . . . marks the anniversary of the heart. . . and just like that two years have passed.

and sometimes I wonder if it really happened.

Pretty place sunrise


a sunrise at the mountain’s peak

happy cheers school has started from students

a talk with the philosopher about all that’s good in Florida

great dinner loved by everyone

healthy heart beating

smiles again



the littlest things

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.” 

      Winnie the Pooh 

Baby Joseph B & W Aug 23 2016

and the angels got together and sent Little Rickie and his beautiful wife this little guy last week. 

and even though he’s not to sure about the rest of us. . . I think we are in love. 



a visit

finishing chores that weigh you down

safe travels

knowing you are right where you need to be

good friends sharing fun

She went back to school today  Thank you Jesus!  

 cooler days – even if it’s just a little

just hanging out

a makeup party  with my girls & my much loved makeup lady

study more . . . harder

Today is the day we travel. The day the philosopher starts work again towards that new life he has dreamed of . . . worked so hard for.  

Studying. . . studying . . . studying 

Henry, Liz, Flowers logo

and now 

He’ll study more. . . and work towards a Masters 

and Henry the giant puppy won’t be the only one to miss him.  This pup has claimed that one as his own. 

I keep finding my gift counting is lasy. 

and I haven’t shown you how the sun has washed away the color from my  hydrangea’s.  . .  I totally love what it’s done.  


a talk with the man who wears the white collar

a walk through the Mercy Door

the man with the big laugh who loving us so much

faded hydrangeas

morning breeze

and impromptu tea party with my girls

swimming alone in that great big pool

that fisherman of mine who works so hard

hands that can fix broken down cars

all of us in pews together


the most important part of July

We are a week into August and I haven’t told you about the most important part of July yet.

Flower and sun july 4th logo

the Philosopher made it official and finally popped the much waited for question to the girl with the brown eyes.

To no one’s surprise this girl said, “Yes!”  and I’ve never seen those brown eyes sparkle so bright.

and the girl who loves to dance said, “Finally! I have been waiting for her to be my sister for more than half my life.” and we all laughed because there was never a truer statement.



a Friday night dinner party that felt so good

a new friend for the girl who loves to dance

the ninja slippin in because he heard we had cake

coffee from Puerto Rico

rain! much needed rain

a new toy to photograph

morning light streaming in that kitchen window

a girl who I love safely home from France if only for a little while

friends reaching out

hugs from the girl who loves music Bestie

birthday presents to share

burst of laughter in the kitchen, around the table, in the living room, from all parts of the house.

good food to share

a successful garage sale for the girl who loves to dance . . . she did it all by herself.


10 today

So here is what a 10 year old ballerina looks like. 

10 Year old Liz 2016 logo.jpg

and she said,

Ten took literally forever. 



a very happy 10 year old girl

a birthday song from her classmates

clean sheets

cooler summer mornings

laughter that goes right to your toes

time spent with my oldest girl

medication delivered in the mail

drop in surprise visits

our Peter

This one.

The oldest of our clan.

This philosopher son of ours


is headed back to school for his Masters this August.  

After graduation he took the year off to: take the GRE, to apply to colleges, to work,  to rest. The year before while he was away was rough on him as he studied a 1000 miles away from home, and worried too much about the health of his father .

He is home for this short time, and it is so nice, and we had know idea what the year held for us this past year

and then the accident happened and he never left his little sister’s side .

Having him home at this exact time was more important then we could have known.  

It’s times like these you realize what a favorite aunt so wisely says is truth, “God’s plans for you are none of your business.”  His are always better.


If you know this son, and you know him well . . . he will bring you closer to your faith. . . whatever that faith maybe . . .  he will bring you closer.

the crazy thing is,  he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. 

He’s our Peter.

after this year is said and done. . . it will be hard to see him off. . . but, we will. 

His future’s so bright. 

and God’s plans for him. . . “are none of my business“. I’m just so very thankful He‘s invited me for the ride. 



breakfast with my son two day in a row

cool breeze

her favorite dinner last night not a drop left

 heartfelt apology from a girl who didn’t mean to hurt

steady work for the hands that feed us

air conditioner in the South Carolina heat

everyone one of us around the dinner table

peace in this house

dinner by candle light with the family


a normality to life

She called to say the best friend in the whole world’s mom wanted her to spend the night yesterday.

Kathryn smile June 30, 2016 logo

She said, “she was a little nervous because the last time she spent the night it wasn’t the night that gave her trouble – it was the early afternoon.  

I took a deep breath and said, “you’ll be okay this time.” “You go and have fun but, be smart and careful, and drive slowly wherever you go.”  

What we really want to do is: wrap her in bubble wrap, drive her everywhere and never let her out of my sight. 

But that. . . might drive us both crazy. 

Before bed I took note of the normal for her, for us . . . and then the little sister asked,   Can I sleep in her bed? 

and this life. . . moves on. 

Thank God 


Happy 4th from down South


having that extra car because Auntie loves so much made life easy the past month

talking to the girl with the brown eyes about her plans for the future

attending a different Mass of the  Byzantine rite

helping little hands

hanging out in the kitchen talking and drinking coffee

early morning

that smile


1001 Gifts

I took the challenge to count the blessings to 1001 so long ago.  And then I didn’t write them down because I was lazy.  . . .  and then Life made me count again

and that’s when you prayed  for us again, and  I counted again

If I let myself, I could go back to six months ago.

But, I don’t.

I count forward.

This time I counted in a notebook. Sometimes, this life wont let me record the blessing this blog I love so much. 

and then the girls and I took a day trip to celebrate the passing of six months.

So much has happened in six months.

Kathryn Grace with the beautiful face June 28 2016.jpg Logo.jpg

 I pulled out my notebook this morning to count the wonderful day. . . and  when I counted I could hardly see through the tears . . . . the 1001 Gift was big. 

Oh so big!  

The smiles back,  and the dust is settling. 

and life is almost back to normal again. 

and I’ve decided to keep counting to see what 2002 gifts look like

because . . . WOW! 


994.) a birthday week full of surprises

995.) good test results this time for the Fisherman

996.) adoration chapel in Decatur Georgia

997.) Charming checks on us

998.) she brings a book wherever she goes

999.) lunch with my girls

1000.) a day trip to the mountains to celebrate six months have passed

1001.) a photograph of a girl & smile I waited so long to capture

1002.) she wore her Elvis T shirt

1003.)  popped in a Johnny Cash CD and we listened all the way

1004.) and on the way back . . . the radio played: “Burning Ring of Fire” & “I walk the Line” twice. . . and we thought it was so cool.