Ten years this day the Visionary died.

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Ten Years ago we wondered why the world didn’t stand still while we held our breath and regrouped. 

Ten years later I wonder do you ever really regroup? 

I guess you just grow stronger . . . together. . .  alone – you must move forward. 

A lot has happened in ten years. . . so much has happened in ten years.   Sometimes I hold my breath & I feel my teeth shift more when I think of it all. 

  With a conscious effort, I push the stress out of my mind and only focus on good. 

So much good has happened in ten years. 

I think this Visionary of ours would be most pleased with the good.  

I read this morning: “What is wrong is that we do not ask what is right.”  – G.K. Chesterton 

and I pause and list what’s right 



strong faith and we know where he is

a dinner out for the best Nana with my boy and his girls

little “hi” on the phone

little arms reaching

hearing from my favorites

bellies growing

breakfast out

a Mass in remembrance

they throw the baseball

a  sweet little redhead friend for her

talks on the phone with my boy far away as he drives to school

May the souls of the faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. 










Five years and the heartbeat doesn’t stop. 

Truck Transmition

my beautiful real and the biggest crises of our lives this year has been cars. 

both cars

just cars

and transmission that waits to be fixed   

and honestly,

I don’t worry

my fisherman husband can do anything

and even though he’s never put one in before. . .

I know he’s got this simple

but not so simple thing


borrowed rides getting us there

patience and perseverance

outside the box thinking

one day at a time

cooler days to get it done


good coffee, better friends

new adventures on horizon


sweetest little “Hi”

great first week of school





Life of Normal

Two days until five years and I know they count too. 

My girl who loves music up before dawn and off to school.  I hand her breakfast & coffee for the road – thrilled for this role I play.  She’s worked so hard. . . waited so long to be back to this life of normal.

The fisherman and I slide backward it seems but not really . . . only in our minds.

We plug away at each new day, block out noise and know the ships not sinking as fast as before.                                           A sigh of relief. 

We lean into this side of transplant, self employment, joke about keeping eyes forward . . .welcome little arms reaching

text our sons and their beauties, check on homework, medications, blood pressure and such . . . plan for tomorrow, say our prayers, go to bed, reach for each other. . . and do our best to know

“the light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it. John 1:5 




2 days until five years – and God is better to us than we deserve.

early morning eggs crackling

I watch her walk out the the door – breakfast in hand

cool summer days to put that transmission in.

he can do anything

a beat up old truck he says he’d take to California

borrowed wheels

conversations in a barn

photographs showing his life

great school days with her


love of my life

Dear Youngest one of us, 

logo 4 faustina

Would it be too much if I told you a secret?     

You are most definitely the love of my life.   


Don’t say anything. . . .

It’s just between you and me.

love and kisses and all that jazz



little arms reaching

puffs everywhere

blue jean eyes

tiny kisses

long conversations with brown eyed girl

having what we need to get the job done


being able to help

clean kitchens

early morning sunrise

sitting on the kitchen floor-  “cluck’n it up”

Wine Wednesday even when the wine is the worst

Adoration & Confession





Wine Wednesday on Monday

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”
Oprah Winfrey

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and you break all the rules by celebrating her amazing news with Wine on Monday and not Wine Wednesday.


green tea

Wine Wednesday on a Monday & mental note to tell what that means

hard laughter

when only one hour turns into 2.5

beautiful day

feeling better

wheels all week

great day for the dancer yesterday

good things coming up

sweet little ones

helping to move

counting down the days before we hug them

a sister taking good care

she loves dance camp


my son the almost Doctor

Nature does nothing in vain. Therefore, it is imperative for persons to act in accordance with their nature and develop their latent talents, in order to be content and complete.

                                                                                                                    ― Aristotle

I’ve kind of left my blog behind.  I’m gonna be honest though, I write on it all the time in my head.  I miss the words on screen.  I miss the gift counting for real. 

Here’s happy news. 

The philosopher is close to being an almost doctor.  Truth be told: he has wanted this higher education since he realized it was a thing.   He was 12 years old. He has always been a deep thinker, deep reader, searching for more.  I feel like if we didn’t fall into homeschooling, this kid would have been an atheist.  And because we knew little – we would have been okay with that.  But, he isn’t. He is Catholic strong.  He knows his faith. He lives his faith with that brown eyed girl by his side. They both work hard to make it all come true.  My heart grows when I think of it. 


He wants to teach in Catholic colleges to seminarians. . . Ethics and Philosophy. They say the Church is going to hell.  I say, there is hope.  The sons & daughters of the church are rising up.  I see them. I know more of them like him: his brother, his sister, his friends. . . that brown-eyed girl.   The list is long. 

The next thing, at the end of summer he’s off to CUA to study that doctorate.   The first 100 times he said it, I ask him what CUA stood for and he would smile and say, “Catholic University of America, Mom.”  

and I smile big because – I’m his mom. 


He blows us away.



fourth of July with family and friends

warm banana bread I can eat

babies reaching

little love jealous when she see arms full of another little love

my morning snapchats of sweet blue eyes

watermelon turtles

summer breezes

phone calls of friends “just checking in”

happy to see me

aunt and cousins down to visit

kicking off the birthday week with cake

a first-time taste of Brandy.

he reaches out when I walk by




blue jean eyes

She has the most beautiful blue jean eyes

Elizabeth April 15 2019 Logo

like her dads.  

I could stare at them forever. 

She loves Jesus, her family,  magic tricks, all animals, the Latin Mass, and will read anything she can get her hands on.  She trust everything her big sister does and says and simply adores those  big brothers and their girls. 

She loves “almost” everyone.  She loves hard. 

Her love for me is unmatchable. and I hope I will never disappoint. 

She will tap out dance after dance through grocery shopping because where there is music her “feet will not stand still”.  

Her favorite shows are the Rifle Man and Bonanza and imagines days of how the West was won.  In her version girls wore pants, carried pink guns and rode horses wild.  She saves each day and fights for all things good and holy along with Lucas, Little Joe, Pa and all the gang. 

I hold all these things about her here. . . to remember always. 


studio light streaming in

wind blowing curtains softly

surprise visits

days spent with best nana outside

talks in her room

lunch in the big city with half of my favorites

sound of hard rain

flowers blooming

clean beds outside

tight morning hugs from her

messages of excitement from our brown eyed one







a little sign

I remember once my father in law showed me a little sign he placed on his desk that read, “daughter in laws are worth waiting for” 

He was a very private man so I knew this was big.  My heart soared when I saw it. I thought he liked me but, now I knew he really did. He didn’t know it at the time but, this little act of love – showing me his sign, & where he kept it, stayed right where it belonged. . . in my heart and grew. 

My father in law was a kind, gentle, private man. He silently gave it all to his family.  He was a remarkable example for his only son. 

Now the tables are turned and, we have two daughter in laws.  I think of that little sign & him often. 

We didn’t wait to long for ours daughter in laws. My babies married young. But, I wish I had a sign that read: “more love grows more love”  I’d keep it safe on my desk, show it to them, tell them that story and what the words on my sign mean to me. 

Because of the Fisherman’s father – years ago I made a mental note to myself: “Daughter in laws love your baby boys. . . remember that forever.”

. .  and then they bear the greatest gifts.  

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Our little princes is five months this week.  I don’t remember not ever loving her.  . . or those daughter in laws.   

and “more love grows more love”


Wednesdays on a Thursday

five months of baby snuggles

the artist teaching me and I teaching her


morning rain

neighbors visits

meeting new friends @ Hobby Lobby

conversations with our brown eyed girl

schools to decide on the highest education

belly laughter with great friends

celebrating a grand opening for that friend

she arrives home safe

that girl who loves music

how dancer reads



daughter in lawS

my fisherman fishes

work for him



I grew up believing my father was the one and only superman. 

Stephen & Faustina_-Logo

I believed this all the way to my core. 

I would have sworn I saw him leaping over buildings in a single bound, lifting heavy equipment like it was a toy, flying through the air if he wanted to. I remember on more than one occasion he actually ripped a New York City phone book in two – with bare hands.  He was the strongest man on the planet.  There was no one smarter, no one better, no one more handsome or simply more incredible than my dad.  . .

and that was that.

Today, I see this son with strong arms, and working hands – cradling this little daughter.  And she looks at me as if to say, “My daddy is Superman.” and I know the visionary, that was my father, proudly passes the  Superman torch.  

And Life goes on as it should



looks of knowing from & big smiles the youngest

sunny days

days spent with that little one & her mom

healthy new baby in town

messages from those three all around

beautiful day for lunch in the big city

birthdays coming

photos to edit

early morning birds singing

he can fix anything









There are only two ways to live your life.               One is as though nothing is a miracle.   The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ― Albert Einstein

How do you choose to live yours?


warm days

long visits

home safely

clean sheets

math being done

family gathers

a baptism on their anniversary

perfect Godparents

perfect gifts

beautiful spring-like days

grandmothers of two generations

many arms

warm hugs

cheese games 

all this love