I rush to grab big camera. 

I love these weeds with the fly away seeds. 

weeds, May 1, 2016.jpg logo

. . . the pool was officially opened yesterday. 

The South Carolina humidity, the heat, kids splashing, laughing, having fun . . . the signs are all here.  

Summer is coming. 

In the news: Our girl wants to try to go back to work tomorrow. . . just a few hours to start.  Her cousin is the manager at the pizza shop she worked in before it all happened. He told her – her job was waiting for her when she’s ready. She says she wants to give it a try.   He tells me he will be there with her the whole time.  He won’t leave her side. It gives me much relief knowing he will watch over her like a nervous mother.  It’s good practice for what’s to come for him. . . fatherhood. It’s just around the corner for this one. 

We are starting to breath whole again.

Here is to hoping May will bring quite, peaceful days with less appointments and time on the road. 



kids laughing

splashing pool water

peaceful time writing in a rose garden while the little one dances with her class

getting back to a normal

watching her read everything she can

talking to her friends

sharing a laugh

dinner cooked not by me

new friends sharing

the best Nana sharing her car . . . again

hugs from the sons who tower over me

sharing, talking with my girls

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