I think the time after Christmas is my favorite part of the season. 

grandma's new dishes 2 logo

I love the time after the hunting, the gathering, the wrapping, the parties and good cheer.  

Logo Grandma's new dishes

I love the still after it’s all done. I love that I can leave the house a mess and not worry about what else should be done, whose coming, whose not . . . 

grandma's new dishes with tree and logo

I love that in a few days we will have a whole New Year and we all hope that this is going to be the year. . . the best year ever.  And I think back and wonder how can they get any better then this. . .  but somehow they do.

1001 Gifts

585.) wonderful new dishes

586.) everyone home . . . working on their own thing

588.) peace in the family

589.) sparkling lights

590.) cards and letters from old friends

591.) laughter

592.) watching people care for the ones they love

593.) sleepy rainy days


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