I took the challenge to count the blessings to 1001 so long ago.  And then I didn’t write them down because I was lazy.  . . .  and then Life made me count again

and that’s when you prayed  for us again, and  I counted again

If I let myself, I could go back to six months ago.

But, I don’t.

I count forward.

This time I counted in a notebook. Sometimes, this life wont let me record the blessing this blog I love so much. 

and then the girls and I took a day trip to celebrate the passing of six months.

So much has happened in six months.

Kathryn Grace with the beautiful face June 28 2016.jpg Logo.jpg

 I pulled out my notebook this morning to count the wonderful day. . . and  when I counted I could hardly see through the tears . . . . the 1001 Gift was big. 

Oh so big!  

The smiles back,  and the dust is settling. 

and life is almost back to normal again. 

and I’ve decided to keep counting to see what 2002 gifts look like

because . . . WOW! 


994.) a birthday week full of surprises

995.) good test results this time for the Fisherman

996.) adoration chapel in Decatur Georgia

997.) Charming checks on us

998.) she brings a book wherever she goes

999.) lunch with my girls

1000.) a day trip to the mountains to celebrate six months have passed

1001.) a photograph of a girl & smile I waited so long to capture

1002.) she wore her Elvis T shirt

1003.)  popped in a Johnny Cash CD and we listened all the way

1004.) and on the way back . . . the radio played: “Burning Ring of Fire” & “I walk the Line” twice. . . and we thought it was so cool.





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