The other night I called this  guy and said,

Alex 2

“Would you PLEASE meet me at the best Nana’s house for some photos around 7 tonight? ” “You can bring anything you want – just come and play with me. ” 

the duel

He brought three things: His little brother, shields and swords.


 Once I got the shutter speed thing down, I couldn’t believe how much fun doing these shots were. 


The assignment this week is to get shots during the golden hour. 


 I love  everything about these photos: the colors , the settings, the swords, the boys . . . the golden hour.  I just love everything. 


I think these guys had fun.  I think they might play with me again sometime. 


Little by Little Ready to Waltz Party

7 thoughts on “I think. . .

  1. Wonderful! Lisa, could you send them over pease? I need some models to practice my photography on 🙂 and they looked like they had fun, you captured them perfectly. Thank you for joining our party.


    1. BiTi, 🙂 They will be right over!!! These girls are always ready for princess party.

      I want you to know: I could not ((cannot)) find the comment button your post. I want to leave you a message but can’t 😦 anyway – I love your posts! and your photos. I hope you have a great weekend!


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